Thursday, 25 August 2011

Inspiretty #109

I've been pretty quiet about the latest Kandee collection and that's because it's one of those ranges you don't want anyone to know about in case they snap up all the goodies before you! I'm serious! I literally felt sick browsing the new shoes as I mentally calculated the cost and formed my wishlist, knowing that I didn't have enough money for one pair let alone the several I want! The styles are extremely limited this season too, to 50 pairs. That's only 10 pairs per size, hence my panic and all-round queasiness! There's at least 7 styles (minimum) on my list including these After8 spangly courts. The colour is drop dead gorgeous, amazingly, seriously beautiful! One of the best shades of green I've ever seen. So please everyone hold back on buying until I've pimped myself and raised enough funds...merci!!


  1. oh i really like them, but don't panic, even if i did have funds for them, my feet are much bigger than yours! :)

  2. Oh my I would buy like almost everything! :)) Sadly I'm ALREADY in minus this month so will have to resist.)


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