Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Equality In Sizes

Whilst I'm praising the efforts of the ASOS Curve collection, it's not all happy-shopping in plus-size land. Since entering the world of the fatshionista, I've depended on stores like Dorothy Perkins who offer a commendable range of sizes across the scale. It's nice being able to walk into a 'normal' shop and buy a dress that a size 12 or 6 girl would wear, rather than being confined to unflattering swamps of fabric usually found in plus-size specialty stores. So it's really bothered me that DP have added so many branded lines within their online store that have a smaller range of sizes.
You have the likes of Ruby Rocks, Closet, Mariko, Uttam London, Vivi Boutique and Billie & Blossom in sizes (at most) of 8-16 rather than the regular 6-22. Now we're not speaking about a small concession here, a quick search in branded dresses alone, turns up 1288 results. As a regular customer of theirs, why should I be excluded from purchasing over a thousand of their dresses? It bothers me more so, because the stock is so darn cute! I keep spotting something I want to buy then get disappointed when I realise they won't and don't have my size. I guess I always want what I can't have!
When I became really angry though was at the introduction of the DP Floradita collection (above). We're talking seriously stunning floral dresses i.e. right up my street and I had been waiting with anticipation for it's launch only to find it in a small range of sizes (none of which were mine). I was just so annoyed that I was willing to hand over my dosh for a mega haul, but couldn't because the sizes stopped at a 16 and this is not at the decision of another brand but Dorothy Perkins themselves. I expect to be able to shop online or instore and try/buy anything I wish; not find that half the merchandise is unavailable to me. It's simply unfair and that type of exclusion gets my back up and makes me want to boycott them. I won't purely because I'm already limited in the high-street stores I can buy from and I do like a lot from the regular DP ranges anyway. However I would just make a plea to DP, to consider ALL your customers when bringing in a concession or developing a new range. The opinion or shopping habits of a size 10 girl should not be any more important or favoured over mine. I like clothes as much as she does and we've all come to depend on your equality of sizes, when so many other stores shut us out completely. Oh and you missed out on £155 which I instantly would've spent on these three dresses (below) without hesitation (gorgeousssss), bad luck ; )
On a sidenote, there's 30% off selected items currently online and I feel a little order coming on...!


  1. Have you tried some of the Uttam stuff? I find their sizing can be really unpredictable. Obviously this can be pesky at times but it does mean that, for example, a size small maxi dress fitted me when I was a size 14. Might be worth a try?

  2. Have you written to DP and voiced your complaint?? Then pen is mightier than the sword.

    By the way have you seen any of Primark's 'Limited Edition' dresses? for fall, I've seen a couple and they are boootiful...the prices are in the region of £23-30, which is like a Haute Couture price for Primark, lol.

  3. Couldn't agree more about DP's concessions! I emailed them about a year ago and they never got back to me. What's worse is I'm not loving a lot of their main range at the moment so options are becoming v limited. Also what the he'll is up with their shoes being so narrow?! All my friends agree. Amazing they sell any!
    Love your blog.

  4. Alex-No I haven't, that's good to know.

    Antigone-No I haven't. I voiced my concerns to Miss Selfridge a couple of years back, but they don't take any notice. I'm always tempted to start a little campaign against (mostly) Arcadia stores and see how much interest there would be in adding larger sizes or something like that and just seeing if they would take notice-bloggers unite!
    Oh and £30 in Primark, ouch! haha!

    Jane-Oh that's a pity they couldn't even take the time to reply. I haven't tried DP shoes for years so hadn't realised they were having issues. Thanks for commenting.


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