Saturday, 13 August 2011

PPQ for Office Autumn/Winter 2011

The new PPQ for Office collection is out and I'd say it's very much split in two or actually maybe even three categories. You have the sleeker, more 'ladylike' styles of the Isabella shoe-boot in black or pewter and the Temperence courts in red or black. It's a pity they hadn't used coloured sections on both pairs, rather than all-black.
Then you have a complete contradiction to that with with the Aurelia creepers (black or purple), Millicent wedge boot, clumpy platforms and 'almost wedges' like Comenius (pewter or black), Palantine (purple or black) and the fabulous Demetrius boot with pirate style buckles.
In between those contrasting styles are a bridge in the form of the clumpy but girly Oriana platforms and Patience courts (red or black), which wouldn't look out of place on Gaga in her Judas phase.
Personally I like Patience, Oriana, Demetrius and Millicent as well as the Isabella and Temperence, although they're probably not unique enough to purchase. As you know I avoid red shoes because they clash with my hair but Office are calling the 'red' pairs 'pink'. So maybe it's my monitor or we disagree on the definition of colour. So which category do you fall into or are you similar to me and like a bit of it all?


  1. Oh god I think they're all ugly! haha! Can't I choose...none? ;) All look a bit cheap and yucky to me :(

    I'm seriously wondering what the hell is up with those creeper things btw...I keep seeing them pop up everywhere...they are probably the ugliest, unflattering, unfeminine shoes I've ever seen...and the real ones look like they have thick black brushes under them. Would LOVE some explanation on that trend!

  2. Marlein-haha, yeah well I definitely preferred the last collection. There's certainly nothing here that I can't live without, although I do like a few. That whole creeper trend I don't get either, although I know it's pretty popular.

  3. Demetrius I am loving though! Although think with them being so fierce I'd need to dress them down a bit.

  4. Connie, yeah and they're quite masculine which would make me want to girly them up a bit.


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