Friday, 19 August 2011

My Recent Hairstory Part 1

I've been working on this post for some time now, ever since I discovered that on my birthday, last May, I actually had dark brown hair. After being bright pink for years before that, I seem to have changed it a lot since then! I do get bored quite quickly with my hair style and colour and feel the urge to chop and colour! I was very attached to the bright pink though, it had instantly become my signature and I did have a hard time leaving it behind. Currently, I have no pink left though and I actually love my hair just now, so it just took time to let it go. Here's a look back on roughly the last 18 months of hair colours, hopefully some hairspiration for someone. If you wish to use these images on another site, please credit this blog, thank you.

The pink I use is Atomic Pink by Special Effects and is pretty potent. It works best on bleached or light hair and is extremely long-lasting. It only ever needs recoloured due to regrowth really. That has it's downsides though, the pink stains everything in sight, the necks of clothing, pearls or jewellery, hairbands, the bath/shower, your pillow, absolutely everything! After feeling like a change from the boldness, I opted for a pastel pink. For this I used a tiny blob of Atomic Pink mixed in with almost a full bottle of Special Effects toner over bleached hair. As the dye used very little colour, the yellowness of my hair shone through in parts and the dye did not last long at all. If I remember correctly it was around 2 weeks before it looked a complete mess and only a few days before it started to fade, it just went so quickly. Using more parts dye to toner wouldn't have given the same pale colour, so for me, this didn't work, although I liked the actual colour (I just wished it stayed like that for longer). The result was similar to when I used Cupcake Pink dye, it didn't really feel like it completely covered and disappeared quickly-so there's not a great, long-lasting pastel pink I can recommend-you have to be prepared for up-keep at least every two weeks. My hair was really short at this stage...I think I might fancy it like that again.
After this, I decided I needed a break from all the bleaching and tried Revlon Colorist in 45 Dark Auburn. It would be pretty accurate to say I hated this phase. It felt too dark, too strong against my pale skin and such a change from what I had been used to. It was very deep brown to start with a hint of red. It became lighter after a few washes and the red turned to golden and it kinda grew on me a little after that. I liked that I could experiment with bolder makeup colours and that dye didn't rub off on everything! However it wasn't to last, as believe it or not, the original Atomic Pink started shining through and my roots grew in darker (although I would never have said my original hair colour was darker than this!). The auburn wasn't a colour I wanted to keep anyway, so I just lasted out as long as I could with it before making my next move!
Find part two of my hairstory here!


  1. i am loving the different hair styles as well as the colours!id love it if you posted a pic by pic/step by step instruction on how to get the hair style as i have similar hair and cut but want to know how you get it to look so retro and amazing! plllease! :D

  2. Ah thank you Eleobel, I'll keep that in mind.


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