Friday, 12 August 2011

If You Like Them...Buy Both Colours!

I've been bombarding you with shoe hauls of late and oops, here's another! I'm kind of annoyed with myself actually because I needed to clear space and sold sooo many shoes recently but then I keep spotting new ones to buy, so I'm back where I started! Anyhoo, I'd really wanted these River Island shoes at full price (you may recall me blogging about them back in January) but I knew I wouldn't get enough wear out of them to justify spending £100 on them. I kept an eye on the navy pair as I hoped they'd go into the sale, which they did. I added them to my basket, then whilst browsing some other things, they sold out. I was so pissed at myself, I should've just checked out immediately!
I couldn't find them in my size instore, so kept stalking the website until they got more. I was even outbid by £1 on a brand new pair on eBay! My hard work finally paid off though because one morning RI had one pair of the ivory version in my size-I figured this colour would be harder to wear but what the hell, I loved the shape and details so much, I should just get them, so I did.
Two days later or was it just one? They get in the navy pair, again in my size. Hmmm, fate methinks! So I bought them too, with the intention of returning one pair. I should never think like that, because I can't give up pretty shoes, I should know better! I love them both and they are very different from one another. The ivory feature a silver mirror heel, the navy a blue patent one. You may not be able to see the little spikes on the toe, along with lace, leather and metal flowers over the floral lace fabric. If I were getting married, I would sooo wear the ivory pair as I love the contrast of spikes and metal against the pretty, delicate lace. They would make some kick-ass bridal shoes!
They are mega high, so I can't see me wearing them tonnes, but who knows? There was more drama to the delivery of the shoes, when the guy never brought them the day he should have. I checked the tracking info and they had been loaded onto his van in the morning then never delivered. The next day I was out, so of course he came that day, bugger! I then had to rearrange a delivery for the next day, which I did and he never came! I was pissed by this point-I just wanted my shoes!! It took around a week for them to arrive, when it usually takes 2 days. Worth it in the end though, I'm sure you'll agree.


  1. So gorgeous! Love them, worth having in both colours.

  2. They are stunning!! I'd keep both too:))

  3. I'm just wondering, as you don't have a job how do you afford all this stuff? Surely your disability benefit doesn't cover it all?
    Is it money from your parents?
    If so I don't blame them for buying you pressies, you have such great taste and get such cute things! I always make a list of stuff I'm going to get from your blog!
    Sue, a 30 year (soon to be 31!) fan from London xx

  4. PS Hope the above question doesn't sound rude I was just curious to know, please don't be offended as I love your blog and it inspires me to start my own when I have a little time xxx Sue xxx

  5. Hi Sue, thanks for commenting. No they're not pressies and my parents don't give me money. I just try to buy in the sales or with discounts and the majority of my income can be spent on shoes/clothes/makeup because I don't have a car, bills, go out etc, my interests all revolve around fashion/beauty really. I also sell quite regularly on ebay,so that gives me some spending money.

  6. Aah very canny!

    I try and spend most of my money on treats as well, and often your blog provides naughty temptation!

    Glad you weren't offended, it would kill me to upset someone who seems so sweet, and I love your attitude when ppl in yr town can't handle the fabulosity of your hair and outfits.
    Besos xxx


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