Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Some Shopping Goodies

It's not often I sit back and bite my tongue but boy did I need to all day today, I'm so proud of myself! I needed to go shopping (not 'want' actually 'need'); I haven't been out of this street for 2 months other than Sunday night to see my new nephew and I had nothing to take to him because I haven't been shopping in so long and I didn't know if he was going to be a boy or girl! I had a pile of stuff I needed from Boots that my sister couldn't get in our local and I was on the hunt to sniff the new Harajuku Lovers fragrance, Super G! Usually Mum and I pop through to Dundee every couple of weeks, but lately we've just not had time between waiting for this baby and selling my Granny's house etc. Also I've had a few bad runs in Primark and that's kinda put me off shopping altogether as it's the only place I can rely on to find clothes that fit. Plus-size shopping on the high-street is not full of options let me tell you! Anyway, Mum couldn't take me today because she's really hurt her arm and can't push the wheelchair, so...Dad came with us to help. Jeez, have you ever been shopping with both parents? (Fyi being 5 years old doesn't count). The thing is my Dad actually likes shopping (for himself), but pushing me in the wheelchair is a whole other situation and let's just say it took hours to get anything done, I was permanently forced in the wrong direction, couldn't point anything out to Mum because she couldn't keep up beside me and there's possibly several people missing chunks out of their heels (soz peeps, not my fault)! I'd already been pre-warned not to yell at Dad because I pretty much do so every day anyway, so I just stayed calm and shut up! You do clench your toes to avoid crashes every so often-I don't know why as I wasn't in control, so couldn't do anything to prevent it even if I wanted to, but I didn't shout at him once.

However I got what I needed in Boots; more Soap & Glory skincare stuff. I really have to slap myself for not reviewing their stuff enough. I'm honestly one of their biggest fans and have bought gazillions of their products ever since they first launched. I practically (actually 'do') only use their products when it comes to bodycare and they've pretty much taken over my skincare regime too, with the exception of a few Lancome products. So, I'm really going to try and review their stuff more often, because I love them, enough said.
The stuff I bought today (all 3 for 2) include my third jar of Night In Shining Armour Cream, second Wish Upon A Jar and Catch A Wrinkle In Time, then some things I haven't tried before; No Clogs Allowed deep pore detox mask (soooo excited to try this) and new For Daily Youth 6 in 1 superboost moisturiser. I also wanted to smell the newer fragrance Eau De Soap & Glory Original Pink because I was so disappointed that their first scent didn't smell the same as their products. It was far too strong and just not at all what I expected, so I was chuffed to bits that they released this fragrance which smells exactly like their body lotions and shower gel etc. Well, I just had to guess and hope actually because my local store didn't have a tester and today I found two which were both empty!
Also I was super chuffed to see a Stila stand in Boots, whoot!! I know Stila have just relaunched in the UK, but I really didn't expect to see it instore, as I've never ever seen Stila anywhere other than online. To celebrate such a joyous occasion I bought this little palette, cute as.
I also picked up these Collection 2000 Lock N Hold lipglosses, which were 2 for £5 in Beat Box and Twisted Disco (I'm guessing from online swatches on the Boots website actually because I haven't even looked at the names)! I then made a hasty retreat because I don't think Mum or Dad could suffer much more swatching!!
On the baby front, boys clothes suck. Seriously suck. Ok, so there's the odd cute-ish thing, but nothing overly fabulous and I always like to give presents that have a bit of my personality too. That's what's lacking from boys clothes, personality. I spotted endless little girls things that oozed character, but it was one striped thing after another for boys. I got this little monkey top (his legs flap about) which I thought was really cute and settled with another top and little stripy suit. I wished I'd bought two of all the Cath Kidston stuff I'd got for my friends little boy, that would've been perfect and my sister would've loved it, but they're all out of stock now.
Oh and after 4 different shops I finally found some little Super G cards. My sis and I love collecting these. Super G smells pretty yummy, like J20 juice or something, but I resisted buying as I'm waiting for a GWP.
Oh another thing, I managed to get my sister three dolls she was after. Monster High 'Dead Tired' Draculaura. I can't believe I exclaimed that my MH wishlist was complete a few months ago...there are sooo many new releases I'm after now!
When it comes to Bratz, she loves Jade, so I had my orders to get her and either Cloe or Yasmin from the Slumber Party collection, I got the latter. Dolls in jammies, pretty cute! I did get some stuff in Primark, but haven't tried any of it on yet, so I'm not sure what I'm keeping. I'm guessing I'll have to embrace this rust colour next season as it's extremely prominent in every single shop!


  1. ah Rust...LOVE. IT. I was after it all last winter and managed to get one dress and one pair of leggings (obviously not to wear together lol). But now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I shouldn't really wear it! Possible clashing hair colour that I hadn't really thought about then! Oh no! haha! Well the leggings will be fine, have to take a critical look at the dress I guess, maybe I can still wear it if I wear it with a scarf or something. Hmmm.
    Oh I need to send you a FB message back about my tattoo! I'll go and write that right now :)

  2. I love Soap and Glory too! Just got a few things using the Boots 3 for 2 as well! I also noticed that ASOS have the night cream nearly half price here

  3. Marlein-yeah not entirely convinced wine or rust or mustard are working with my hair either! Rules out just about everything in the shops just now!

    Anastasia-I noticed that too! Always good to have another S&G source!


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