Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ASOS Mega Haul

Two massive parcels arrived today with my ASOS order (really massive, I tried to capture it by placing a shoe box next to it for comparison). One box contained two pairs of shoes, the other a dress (yep a massive box for one dress). Ok, so it's not just any dress, but an amazing ASOS Salon one. I can honestly say I've never spent this amount of money on one item of clothing ever. Shoes yes, dresses no. I had my eye on the 'Gem' floral prom dress (yes it appears to have been named after me-true fate), months before it even launched on the website and in the back of my mind I knew I couldn't justify spending £150 on one dress, no matter how much I loved it. It went into the sale this week though and the stock starting going pretty quickly so I decided I needed it and would be sad without it! I made the right decision as the Curve version only has one size 20 left altogether.
It's entirely worth the £83 right enough, which to be honest I never doubted. The main floral fabric is a silk cotton and extremely light-weight. There is just soooo much fabric in this dress (I actually have no wardrobe space to store it and can't move for boxes in my bedroom for that matter). Underneath are layers and layers of net, lining and even a boned corset-bodice (separate from the dress but attached). I already have an hourglass figure, albeit a curvy one and often my bust takes all the attention detracting from other areas of my outfit, it kinda does in this dress, but in a good way. It's pulled in and up, giving that luscious silhouette we saw from the likes of Louis Vuitton last year without making me look too busty or tacky. The full skirt and nipped in waist are a no-brainer and it really is womanly, sophistication at it's best. I just need an occasion to wear it to now! I'm thinking my nephews christening, although it feels very dressy, maybe too dressy. My only criticism is the length. I'm 5ft 5 1/2" and it's just above ankle on me whereas it's just below the knee on the ASOS model. It is available in petite (as well as the main range), but us curvy girls are then limited in sizes. I actually think it looks best on the Curve model whereas the main and petite girls seem a bit overwhelmed and swamped by it and by the looks of the stock levels, the customers agree. I suppose it's just nice that us plus-size girls are finally able to get our hands on a decent, well-made, unique dress that would normally only be made for those under a size 14. So, well done ASOS! My camera battery needed recharging after I snapped a few pics, so I don't have many photos.
The shoes I got were the Ablaze tapestry wedges; out now ladies (I know a lot of you were after them). Also available in leopard print, they appear to be true to size and are pretty darn cute in the flesh.
I also plonked the Hysteric glitter platforms into my basket. This style originally sold out pretty quickly and ASOS got more stock last week. There's something about that rich green shade that just drew me in. I like the idea of wearing them as everyday shoes though rather than keeping them for evening/partywear.
Right as I was trying on the pouffy dress, one glitter sandal and one ankle boot did the doorbell not ring? Oh man! I had already bombed it downstairs twice in the dress (sans shoes) to answer the phone. I tried as quickly as I could to take off the shoes (buckles, laces and me all fingers and thumbs), but thankfully Dad was in the garden and finally took the delivery for me. Note to self; do not wear a silly combination of clothing when you could have to answer the door.
I hope you're all staying safe tonight in England, it's absolutely sickening to see what's happening-I've been glued to the news channel since yesterday afternoon. On a brighter note, check out the new MSN feature tomorrow called the Shoe Box where you just might recognise a couple of pairs of pretty shoes from yours truly ; )


  1. I was looking at this dress in the Asos sale yesterday! It's gorgeous isn't it! I decided not to buy it as I had already spent a lot of money but it's beautiful! Asos salon range is really beautiful but very pricey! I bought a dress they featured in the Times on Sunday magazine- £85 but worth it!Glad you love it!
    So funny about the postman!


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