Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another Little Primark Purchase

As I mentioned last week, I had some items to return to Primark. A couple of dresses, a skirt, top and cardi...but then I came home with scarves, a dress and bolero along with a top for my mum, jigsaw for my nephew and two bags for my sister. In the end £1.40 was refunded onto my card, soooo worth it, haha! There were quite a few new dresses instore actually. Mostly they didn't look like they'd do much for me or else were only available in smaller sizes. I tried on a pretty 60's style lace shift with long sheer black sleeves. It was hideous on me! Absolutely atrocious! It looked like I'd gained around 30lb and decided to take cover under a giant black tent. Guess the 60's mod trend isn't going to work on me then!

The dress I did buy, wasn't anything that great, just plain black jersey with a skater skirt, 3/4 length sleeves and little pocket flaps with gold buttons on the skirt. I think it was around £11 and I'll probably get a lot of wear out of it in the winter. I was mega excited to see this little bolero though. It's very like the H&M one, from the limited garden collection thingy they did last year. No H&M near me got that collection and this was the piece I really liked. It comes in red or the peachy salmon pink one that I got. It was £13 (if I remember correctly). It has a little hook fastening and 3/4 length sleeves.
It's quite a difficult shade to coordinate, it can look dirty next to certain colours. I wondered if it would go with my ASOS Salon dress that I was hoping to wear to my nephews christening. What do you think? It doesn't 'not go' but I'm not entirely convinced it does go. I really need some sort of cover-up for it though and don't have a suitable one. I wish Primark had other colours of this, like a navy one, brown and maybe a green. It's mega cute I reckon.
I've made a mental note to try and buy more scarves because I use them quite regularly (small ones for hair bows and larger for turbans) and would like some variety. I loved the nautical themed duo I got a while back and I spotted some horsey and birdy ones this time, which I snapped up. They are £2 and you get the two scarves for that. They just tie around my head and no more, so I prefer to make these into a bow and clip them into my hair.
Then, there was one left of this scarf. A cute little deer print in a lovely turquoise colour. Don't know if it was a return or if I've completely missed it previously. Anyhow, I think it was £4 and it said 'oversized' on it, which I didn't fully appreciate until I got home. I reckon it's the size of a single bed! There's loads of other ways you could wear these, but I have to say I'm not much of a scarf around the neck type of person-it just doesn't suit me at all.

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