Monday, 15 August 2011

Claire's Jewellery Haul

So I mentioned that I popped into Claire's last week when I had 5 minutes to spare. It really was a quick shop and it was busy, so I didn't get a good look at everything. I haven't been in there for years though!
I had initially spotted a couple of pairs of glasses in the window that I liked, so that's what drew me in. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of retro, cats eye glasses for years and I'm not sure these are entirely perfect but they'll do for now. The first pair are very quirky and vintage inspired with their diamante accents. I like that the frames are almost diamond shaped rather than your standard exaggerated oval frames and they're darker on the top gradually getting more sheer. They were £7.
Then I got these, a kind of variation of 'geek glasses'. They have a really thick frame around the top which gradually gets smaller and they do have that 'almost cats-eye', curved feel rather than straight across the top, which makes them different from the standard black geek frames that you can find everywhere. I've worn glasses since I was 5, so I've come to know exactly the styles that suit me and those that don't and although darker frames do tend to work well on me, I'm not sure if these are just perhaps too heavy. I took a few photos, none of which worked out, so I'll have to show you them on later. They were £6.
It was quite funny because this little girl was trying on all the glasses until her mother told her to stop because she thought 'people who wore glasses that didn't really need them, was silly'. Personally I'm just glad that it's become 'cool' to wear glasses at all, I can remember it being a factor in my being bullied as a child (along with anything else they could pick out that was 'different'). I have to agree that it's slightly silly though that I do wear real glasses which I would never wear outdoors (I should wear glasses all the time, but have never wanted to depend on them by doing that-so get by perfectly well without when I'm out and about), yet I'd be happy to wear my fake frames outside. All in the name of fashion huh?
I've also long been searching for a really big Hello Kitty necklace. Often the charms are too small and I wanted a really large one. There was another version of Kitty without her glasses, but I think she's adorable as a geek. It was £5.50.
Then I had a quick squizz at the clip-on earrings, given that I don't have pierced ears and Claire's are practically the only place you can purchase them. I can't say I'm overly in love with butterflies, sometimes it just feels like they're everywhere and I prefer something a little more unique on my jewellery, however they were the largest pair I could find that weren't neon pink or hideously tacky, so I got them, £5.
And I couldn't be 'The Shoe Girl' without buying these little earrings! They are pretty small, but cute I reckon, £4.50. Pity they hadn't given them a red sole and silver lining rather than the opposite.
Finally, I absolutely love this new story for autumn. It was really crowded though, so I didn't get a good look at it, but there was a little foxy purse and socks and fur tippet with brooch, all really adorable. I grabbed this horse cameo necklace, £5 (literally 'grabbed' as it was hanging above my head and I just had to hold the pendant and flick it and pray it flew off the wall without killing anyone). It's really long and I just love it.
Then my favourite piece, Mr Fox with his little glasses on, a fabulous bow brooch £4.50. Absolutely adorable. I wish they had this on rings, necklaces, everything and I'd buy them all. I'll have to go back and have a proper look or maybe suss out a larger store that may have a bigger selection. The Claire's website is pretty much useless, so you can't get an idea of what's in stock from that. A pretty cute and happy haul methinks.


  1. Great haul!
    I love those cat eye glasses.

  2. oooo I love that brooch! Might have to look for that next time I'm in claires lol! I have those 50s glasses and the hello kitty necklace too :D I'm loving how it's now cool to wear glasses <3 makes me feel less self conscious when I wear my real glasses :)

  3. Oh I love your purchases, especially the glasses!

  4. SNAP! I bought the Hello Kitty pendant with glasses also, I own few bits and pieces of HK which I've collected over the years, but now it seems so ubiquitous, it doesn't seem that special anymore. When I spied this "Nerd" HK,although I don't wear glasses, I had to have her, I think she looks spec-tacular(j'seewaddyedidere?)in those frames.:)

  5. Thanks Liz!

    Pixie, it is adorable, hope you find it.

    Thank you Kezzie!

    Antigone-I know, HK was everywhere for a while and I didn't like that, but this was too cute to resist.


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