Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oh Dear!

My little sis and I popped through to Dundee this afternoon quickly, in search of the Monster High dolls we're after. It was very much a last minute decision and I went from jammies to dressed and full face of make-up in 15 minutes-a miracle for me! Anyway we weren't so lucky with the dolls, my sister got one, but I didn't get any. Never mind. We did have time to kill though, so I ran into River Island on the off-chance they had the sale shoes I wanted-no luck with that either. Failing that, I sooo would've bought this had I seen it.
An absolutely adorable little koala bear purse/bag. I spotted it online yesterday and I'm really wanting it, it's just so cute and unusual to find koala items! They also added a bear version online today, I'm not as taken with it although it's still very cute. After that we popped into Claire's because I spotted a couple of pairs of glasses I liked in the window. £40 later and we were ready for home! I'll show you the loot when I've had time to photograph it.
On the animal theme, I'm also very, very tempted to order this polar bear ring from Topshop. Like koala bears, it's not often you see polar bears on things. Going off on a complete tangent, I won a competition when I was younger for two tickets to see The Snow Queen (which Dad and I went to) and a massive (truly massive) fluffy polar bear. I named her Polly and although she stood up, she had a bit of a gammy leg. I even recall my Mum lugging it to school with me one day in a bin-liner so I could 'show the class', as you do! I thought it was the best competition prize ever! On a rather sour note though, this old lady got on the bus today and looked me up and down, shook her head and said 'deary dear' as she walked past! What a beatch (makes me want to riot-that's a joke, just in case the police decide to arrest me)! I think it was the hair that she took a dislike to (I was wearing a hat though). I hate people like that, who the hell cares what colour my hair is or what I'm wearing? Grrr! Although, I wish I'd had that old bird with me later when we saw a woman wearing sheer black tights with bright white ankle socks underneath...deary dear!


  1. When I had pink hair, I used to get a few hurtful comments that really upset me.
    But then someone would say :O WOW I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!
    A little girl even said I was a princess once :)
    for every bad comment, there are 100 good ones, don't forget that.

    Variety and self expression is a great thing, keep up the colour


  2. People can be so stupid! I don't really understand why they can't just keep their mouth shut, it's not like you're going to change just becuase of a silly comment like that.

    I used to have dreadlocks (yes real ones lol, with my own hair...craziness XD)...I remember a fun thing that happend, I was waiting for the bus and this little girl and her mother were witting next to me. The little girl was looking at my hair a reeeeeeeally long time! Staring! I kinda ignored her lol, thinking...ok whatever. Then all of a sudden she turns to her mother and says very determinedly "MUM, when I grow up I want hair JUST LIKE THAT" I looked up and her mother was staring at me in shock horror HAHAHAHA I almost wanted to say "uhm, I'm sorry!" HAHAHAHA

    So yeah, what Choux said...remember the good comments more than the bad ;)

    Now about this bear ring...I saw it a few days ago and I thought...huh, why is it called a Polar Bear ring? Polar bears aren't grey/black! lol but I guess the shape kinda looks like a polar bear so that's why...
    I reeeeeeeeally like the sparkley red fox, but like always...much to pricey :( ah well.

  3. I have a purple streak at the front of my (black) hair and I get a few funny looks but a least once a week someone comes up to me and tells me they love my hair! Ignore the woman, just because she's too boring and sacred to express herself! xxx

  4. Laura, exactly! It's water off a ducks back now anyway after 20 years of comments on my shoes, clothes and hair! I just wish people would consider the crap that spews out of their mouths before doing it!

    Marlein-trying to picture you with dreads and can't! Yes, I've had comments like that, kids love it...this one little girl was completely in awe until her wee brother quite bluntly said 'you can't have hair like that, it's a wig'. A diss, but a funny one, I couldn't stop laughing. My nephews on the otherhand wouldn't notice if I had a giant purple elephant on my head-they're very accepting of their aunt!

    Oh and I have the fox ring in gold from Miss Selfridge, it fits really well, the way it curves around your finger.

    Anon-isn't it terrible how many of us there are with alternative hair colours yet how often people feel the need to make criticism of it. thanks for commenting.

  5. Ignore her, she's probably just jealous 'cause she can't rock a purple rinse.

    You look fabulous, darling xxxx


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