Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Inspiretty #108

Totally running behind today (see my latest TSGD post for more info), so it'll just have to be a quick Inspiretty...again! You're going to laugh at this, but todays is loo roll! Hold the laughter! Why nobody has thought of making toilet paper pretty before I don't know, but Andrex have this cool stuff now that comes in all sorts of prints and we've been using it in our house for months (my nephew loves it, although I hasten to add it's not a good flusher...tmi?). There's multi coloured polka dots, butterflies, brocade and even freaking flamingo print! I find it totally kitsch and I love the colours, so that's the pretty thing I spotted today and therefore worthy of Inspiretty, kinda!


  1. i have noticed lots of pretty loo roll lately, i quite like it, although it can be a bit pricey so i would proabbly not use it all the time..

  2. Totally random, but apparently Simon Cowell uses black loo roll, which kinda freaks me out, I don't like it. Likewise, I wouldn't want to use a black tissue, don't know why.

  3. There's just something wrong with wiping one's ass with something that pretty. Plain white Andrex for me mate, lol. Simon Cowell is a freak, black loo roll??, how does he know when he can stop wi...,I'm gonna cease now, I think I just threw up a little in my throat.;)

  4. LOOOOOOOOOLLLLL antigone, I was totally thinking the same thing!!!! Gross!!!!!

    I'm not that keen on stuff like this...I think the sewer system has enough to deal with, and I'm not really convinced it's utterly necessary to be putting more stuff down there like paper with extra ink on it, needs more processing when being made too. So I wouldn't buy something like that on a regular basis just because of the environmental burden. We usually have loo rolls from recycled paper or something...nothing fancy anyway.


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