Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Little Primark

Remember I went to Primark the other week and wasn't sure what I was going to keep? Well half the stuff is going back. Out of the clothes, I'm returning a skirt, top, cardi and 2 dresses : ( I was going to take them back today (as I really need the money), but it rained and I couldn't be bothered getting wet! The only dress I did keep is a midi length, spotty pleated number (the background for these images). On me it's actually ankle length-am I a complete hobbit or do shops think we are all 6ft?

Anyway, here's the accessories I am keeping. I bought a bag, which I haven't done in Primark for ages because they always look a bit nasty to be honest. It's called a 'camera bag' and I just loved the retro, boxy shape. There were a few other similar ones and satchels that caught my eye, but I tried to reign myself in (honestly I have far too many bags that I rarely use anyway).
As far as jewellery goes, there wasn't all that much that I either hadn't seen before or have already purchased. I don't have these Aztec themed things though, so I got the cuff (£3) and ring (£2.50). I bought the ring in small, so I could wear it at the top of my finger. I'm thinking to myself that they're the type of things I pick up in Primark then will hardly wear...the downside to 'everything being so cheap'.
This ring is another I probably didn't really need, but it's pretty. A grey butterfly/flower cameo type, £2.
I was quite excited to see this next ring though, £3. It's nice to know you can chuck on one ring and it covers all four fingers! I was also happy to see the rings varied in size as well as coming in small, medium or large as I saw a classic boo-boo of a ring in Primark a few months back which was 3 fingered with the smallest band in the centre. Who has three adjacent fingers with the middle being the smallest? Umm, anyone?
Finally I got three more little charms. Completely not necessary, but I got two for my sis and this little bird cage (with a tiny little birdy in it) for £1. In my defence I did need to change the charm on my phone after my nephew became obsessed with the rocking horse one I currently have and un-clipped it and carried it around all day until it was completely tarnished! The little button! He started school today which we all can't quite believe "our little baby"!


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