Thursday, 25 August 2011

Imitation Is The...?

When I spied these shoes on the Peacocks website today, I instantly recognised them, anyone else? They are tres similar to my Ediva platforms from KG by Kurt Geiger that I wore a couple of days ago. The same shaped heel, skinny strap and buckle, same platform and in black 'suede' with the contrast ivory toe. They don't have the t-bar or the bow (which make mine super cute) and the heel isn't snake effect like Ediva, but they are still spookily alike. Pretty naughty of you Peacocks!


  1. i'm not sure how i feel about high street copies of higer end products..surely it's bad of them to copy, but if they made the copy too similar presumably the original company woudl be able to take action against that??

    on one hand it gives people on much tighter budgets the chance to own something classy and designer-like, but on the other hand, it's a bit cheeky of the high street..
    but then again, high street stores do it to each other all the time too, (ie. matalan jewellery is the exact same as freedom most of the time!) so does it just say that a trend has really taken off, and that imitation is the best form of flattery after all??

  2. I know, I'm kinda torn on it myself. I can understand when it's designer v high-street, because we can't afford every designer item or sometimes they are so limited, you'll never get them, but budget HS v HS just seems wrong.


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