Monday, 30 August 2010

More New Irregular Choice

I'm finally catching up on all the posts I was supposed to write last week. I'm feeling much better today-I think I was just frustrated at being tired both physically and mentally. However I've got loads of exciting beauty reviews coming up, I'm just editing the images now. Anyway, I never got round to posting these new shoes from Irregular Choice that arrived at Schuh last week.

I get really excited when it's styles I haven't previewed before-so the Northern Bambi and Northern Floral wedges had me giddy! Bambi come in black or purple and feature the wonderful striped wedge heel that recurs throughout this seasons collection. And honestly who can resist a cute little Bambi scene? The flowery pair are available in red or turquoise. I love the floral fabric heel, but for some reason I'm not so keen on the bow on the uppers (me not keen on a bow-what's happening?), the uppers just don't excite me as much as the heel. Actually when I look at them properly, it's the added trim I don't like, the floral bow on it's own would be perfect.
The Golden Girl makeover given to Oz, I've blogged about before. I think they're really cute-available in black or delicious plum. Finally, the cortesan shape never fails to impress although Sweet Heart are a little too mismatched and thrown together for me-available in red or black. All shoes are £69.99 and available now from Schuh.


  1. Sadly, I was really disappointed when I went to Schuh recently - I don't particularly fancy any of these new ones..and I'm usually a BIG IC fan, reckon I have 200 pairs or so :S

  2. Wowee! I'm struggling to find room for the pairs I have-if I could commit to one brand and not be so obsessed with shoes in general it would help the space issue and my bank balance too!


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