Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Most Ingenious & Useless Lipstick Ever?

I can't believe they've actually made lipsticks like this. Is this not absolutely adorable? I'm getting 'better' at using (and subsequently ruining) my pretty palettes and limited edition pieces, because after all you're only here once aren't you? However, I honestly don't know if I could bring myself to use this. I really don't. I mean, he's got whiskers and everything!
There are three limited edition shades from Paul & Joe in the usual kitsch, retro packaging. The colours are (from left) Clair De Lune, Over The Moon and Moon Shadow, £16 each, available from asos. His little ears would be first to go I suppose...could you honestly use this? Would you?


  1. I love the colour of Clair de lune, but I really don't think I could use it if I bought it!
    - Beth x

  2. I love these, the colour of over the moon is gorgeous. I'd have to use a lipbrush and wear out the middle....turn it into a kitty totem pole.

  3. I think I saw these in the asos magazine... aaah, i love them so much, but again, I would hate to wear out the kitty face! then it would just be a normal lippie! x

  4. Beth-that's my fave shade too

    Steph-Haha, good idea about the lipbrush. That's probably going to be the most sensible way of using it!

    EmmahLaurah-I think I actually squeeled when I saw it in the asos mag!


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