Friday, 20 August 2010

Pearl Lowe For Peacocks Autumn Collection

You know I'm a massive fan of the Pearl Lowe at Peacocks collection-I've bought practically everything from the two most recent ranges (and posted loads of pictures and reviews). I actually took delivery of yet another dress this week (along with 2 floral dresses from the Peacocks range) and I'm waiting for my PL vanity case to be delivered today! It's not only the vintage inspired shapes I like, but the fabrics, colours and the fact that the range fits up to a very generous size 18. I've heard this new collection is sized 8-16, but I'm hoping (praying) it's an error and will be made up to an 18. The last collection did have certain styles only up to a 14 or 16, so I really hope this isn't the case (because I want so many pieces). The autumn collection is hailed as 'the best yet' and judging from this video preview, I agree!

I am just so excited to see it all. I simply adore the lace collar pleated dress, it screams 'vintage' while the bold leopard print shift is very Dolce & Gabbana (and me!). You know I always fall for the gothic looks that come around every winter and I'm considering whether or not I can wear that black satin, long sleeved maxi that Pearl wears. Glorious! There's also a sheer blue dress which hangs beautifully (shown below, middle of bottom row) which I'm definitely going to try. The absolute stunner of the range though has to be the 50's style lace dress Daisy models. I actually yelped when I saw it. I have nowhere to wear it, but there's no way I'm not buying it, it is utterly stunning! The only items I didn't like were the drapey high neck tunic and cover-up worn at 1:52 in the video (dress shown below, middle of top row)-they're just not my style. The 12 piece collection is due online and instore on the 5th September so start saving and remember nothing in this range costs more than £40. Can we not make these Pearl Lowe ranges a permanent thing?


  1. I didn't know she did this range for Peacocks, but they are absolutely stunning! I love Pearl Lowe's style, so I'll definitely have to check it out! x

  2. It's fabulous, this is the 4th range and I'm never disappointed.

  3. Lovely collection! I really want to get my hands on that black dress with the white collar. I asked one of the assistants at my local Peacocks store if they will be stocking the Pearl Lowe collection, she said no and that it will only be stocked in larger stores. I'm so disappointed :( xo

  4. I looooove Pearl Lowe at Peacocks and cannot wait until the new stuff's online. However, I have a sad feeling that the gorgeous lace prom dress that Daisy wore at the end is from Pearl's main (expensive) line, not Peacocks (as may be the one Pearl was wearing too) Let's hope not! (Love the blog btw)


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