Friday, 13 August 2010

I Want This...

It's been weeks since I've done this...probably because I have no money just now-so I want absolutely everything! I literally haven't been near Primark for weeks, maybe months and I'm definitely suffering withdrawal symptoms. They have quite a few nice autumn pieces coming out in September that I have my eye on. I have no idea if this ring is instore already or not, but I really want it. I assume it'll be ridiculously cheap and I'm already getting excited at the prospect of them having an entire range of animal themed jewellery (which you could probably buy one of everything and still get change form £20)! Do I really need Primark to further fuel this jewellery obsession though? Haha!
I've been looking for a ring that fits 2 (or 3) fingers for years and years (it's just a bonus that this has birds on it). There's been loads in the shops lately but annoyingly they seem to make the rings the same size. Who has 2 fingers next to each other the same size? Not me! I've always had really big fingers too, so they usually fit one or none of them. Please Primark, say you've thought about this and sized the rings accordingly! Or why does someone not make adjustable ones?


  1. Ahh too cute! I love Primark so much. Hey, I was offered a 20% discount for evans website because I entered a tee shirt design that I'll never use. Not that I'm suggesting anything - please don't be offended! - but they have some cute heels in at the moment that you might like. Please let me know if you'd like the code :3 x

  2. Hi Rai-replied on your blog : ) I must go in search of this ring, this week!


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