Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lessons I've Learned From Taaz

Ok, I promise not to bore you with many more Taaz images, but I've learnt a few things from using it over the past couple of days.

I'm completely unafraid of colour. I kinda already knew this, but had it reconfirmed, when I tried this platinum blonde version of the dark Katy Perry cut I loved. It shouldn't work, but actually I reckon it looks ok (if it was 'real' hair rather than the awful quality of the Taaz colour shown here). With the right makeup and cut I reckon I can get away with any colour, which is very lucky.
This leads me onto the next point which is 'I am afraid of the cut'. I've tried picking styles I don't like on the celebrity or that I do like on them but don't think would suit me. More often than not, I realise I'm right, it doesn't suit me.
-I don't suit up-do's. Although I never wear my hair up these days, I used to never wear it down, so it's surprising that I completely dislike it up.
-I don't suit middle partings-boo, no sleek J-Lo look for me.
-I need height-any smooth, sleek style just makes my face even rounder (see below image).
-I do suit a fringe or anything that frames my face.
-Sometimes you can go too far. Ok, I know it is all fun and nothing is really changing in real life, but I freaked myself out with the above and below images. You wouldn't think the hair is that radical but I just lost myself in it, I can't see myself in the picture at all and that's scary. Even although I love the style (above), it's just not 'me'.
The makeup I used on these images was actually very versatile considering the change in hair colours and style. The lipstick is heavily applied MAC Viva Glam III. The platinum blonde image is Katy Perry, the sparkly hair clip one is Rose Byrne and the other is Megan Fox.

Have you learned anything from Taaz or has it tempted you to be more daring or the opposite (stick with what you know)? Also is it just me or is the blush really difficult to use? I can never get that part to look right and it always looks darker on one cheek.

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