Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I Got Her!

I got a surprise when I came home this weekend. My sister had blindly bought a Monster High doll from Argos and it turned out it was one she wasn't as keen on, so I snapped her up. Meet the gorgeous Clawdeen Wolf. She's absolutely stunning and what I wouldn't do for those wedge boots! More pictures and details next week.


  1. my word,
    I want one!
    I just went on and it said assorted... as in you cant choose which one you recieve!

    unless im being thick,

    if thats the case then thats pretty rubbish!

    Im going to try and get my hands on the dracula or blue lagoon one!

    Love you blog btw,
    long time lurker,
    fellow pink haired shoe obsessive!


  2. Thank you ladies!

    Yes, argos are very annoying when it comes to dolls, they pften only give them one catalogue number and you never know which one they'll bring out! My local store get annoyed if you ask to 'view' the item before purchasing too, most of the time it's because I have the other dolls in the series and don't want a duplicate which they fail to understand.


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