Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More Makeovers

Hello ladies, glad to see you're also becoming Taaz obsessed! I really need to get a life instead of toying with the idea of changing hair colour, how I'd look with bronzer or plumping my lips!
I'm actually finding that I'm choosing things that in reality wouldn't suit me, yet they seem to look good on the virtual me. Remember my horror at colouring my hair dark earlier this year? I hated it, yet the dark look seems to appeal on screen. I think I just suit the more gothic look because of my pale skin. I was blonde in real life for years and the colour seemed to really suit me, yet I'm not so keen on it on Taaz.
This morning I took a horrendous no makeup, hair scraped back photo (die!) to upload as there were some hairstyles where my real hair was sticking out the sides or top yesterday. The photo is horrible and even with the Taaz makeup I'm not convinced I look presentable. I wish they had powder...they don't do they? Or concealer that you could choose where to put it! Hee hee! The hair is Sienna Miller btw.
This makeover (below, from yesterday) started off as a Taylor Momsen blonde feathered 'do, but it didn't look right. I tried a few different colours and styles of hair but kept the makeup the same. I think I finally got it right with the last image. It just shows you, how a small change can make a huge difference.

What looks are you loving? Are you trying out things you wouldn't in real life? And more seriously, will we ever get bored of this? Haha!

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