Tuesday, 24 August 2010

JC Meets Stardoll

Proof yet again that my Stardoll me is much more on trend than the real me-she has the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots already!! Grrr! Of course in Stardoll world they cost $5 star dollars, in real life they cost $160 US dollars-which I just don't have right now. I seem to be permanently envious of the cartoon me though-it's pretty great to be able to pick and choose from high end designers and high street and the best bit-everything fits!
Solestruck by the way are currently sold out of the red, but still have the brown, black or mustard. They are also getting grey and khaki leather, plus the black and brown in suede. To be honest I still haven't made up my mind which shade I prefer. The mustard is kinda calling my name right now, although I'm keen to see what the grey look like.


  1. waaaahhhh I'm still waiting for my pair...god it's taking forever! They should ship before September 20th so in less then a month they should be mine! Can't wait!!!! I'll send you a picture when I get them so you can see them on and then I can advise about sizing.

    I have a new JC obsession right now and that's the 99 Tie but they've sold out completely...so now I'm on the maillist for when they come back, I'm seriously dying to have them! As you know I really wanted the Pixie but now I've seen the Tie version of 99 I like them much much more...the laces really add to the look! And there's just the black to choose from so I won't have that dilemma like I had when I wanted the Pixie haha

    There's also a pair on Nastygal that are AWESOME, Thread Platform...argh...gorgeous! But I'll go for the 99 Tie just because they'll go with more of my clothes :)

    Thank god for Jeffrey Campbell...like you said in your Primark Haul post, the fashion for A/W '10 just isn't my thing AT ALL...right at this moment I have money to spend and I really wanted a new dress but I can't find anything I like! Craziness! I never can't find anything I like lol! But that does mean I an save my money so I can get the 99 Tie the second they go online :)

  2. I just found out the Lita will also be coming out in blue (gorgeous!!!) and with sparkles! There are pcitures on JC's facebook page....the blue are seriously hot! If I had lots of money I might get those as well haha

  3. Is there a link to get these in my dressing room?


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