Monday, 16 August 2010

Review: Spa Paradisa Body Balm v BeneFit Bathina

I've been using the very lovely body balm from Spa Paradisa lately and thought as part of my 'summer reviews' I would compare it to the similar Bathina Body So Fine balm from BeneFit which you may be more familiar with.
I've been using the Benefit version for years which is priced at £24.50. It comes presented in the most gorgeous, retro tin and includes a good quality black puff which fits neatly inside.
I've always been fond of the Bathina scent, it's very subtle and slightly old fashioned-the balm has a faint hint of this. I can remember wanting this for so long (purely because it was pretty), then I saw a makeup artist use it on a model in a shoot I was working on and vowed that I would buy one! You need very little product and it has a very light pink tint to it, which isn't noticeable when applied. Although it looks very, very shimmery in the tin-it actually works more as a gleam than glitter. I normally use this on my legs-a quick swipe down the centre shin (this was exactly how the makeup artist applied it to the model too) for a gorgeous sheen. You can use it anywhere though, I just prefer to use a (dry) shimmer powder elsewhere. I found this balm to be much thinner than the Spa Paradisa one-which made it was easier to pick up with the puff, whereas I felt I really had to drag the SP one through the balm.
The Spa Paradisa Love Your Skin Body Balm also comes in a tin (with similar puff) but is considerably cheaper at £10. The passion fruit fragrance is a great holiday scent, although some days I found it a little overwhelming. I would say this balm looks to be less pinky in the pan than Benefit and I certainly notice a white shimmer when I swatched it heavily on my hand. However when applied properly, neither product really has any colour to it.
As I mentioned before the SP felt less 'wet' than the BeneFit one, although that isn't a negative thing. You may just find it easier to apply without the puff as I did most days. Once on the skin, you'll really be hard pushed to find any difference between the two. I've tried to swatch them very heavily and darken the images, but the camera barely picked it up. Take my word for it, both are stunning. Spa Paradisa is an excellent dupe for BeneFit and when you think you could have 2 tins for the cheaper than one, it seems like a no brainer. I suppose it really just comes down to your preference on scent and packaging. You'll be a gleaming goddess with either one! Click images to enlarge.
Spa Paradisa is available in Debenhams

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  1. lovely review/comparison!i love their quirky packaging:)x


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