Monday, 9 August 2010

More Floral Shoes

I love (no, actually worship) floral things and lately that's been spreading to footwear. I've already blogged (several times) about the Cath Kidston inspired Simple Minds platforms, but new in at Office are these stunning tapestry 'Take A Bow' (£65) shoes. You may recall Miss Selfridge have a similar pattern for autumn, but in a different style.
I also like these 'Thunder Days' (£75) platforms, not as much as Simple Minds, but they are a very colourful, cheery print. What do you think, does floral float your boat too?


  1. Take A Bow are utterly gorgeous. Argh, I want them! There's something much nicer (in my opinion) about the lower, chunkier heel than the Miss Selfridge design.

  2. Yes it altogether looks very vintage!


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