Thursday, 12 August 2010

Topshop Jewellery Haul

Last week, I bought these luscious rings from Topshop. There really is no end to my animal jewellery obsession!
Bird cage ring £10-You know I've wanted this for a while-the little birdy swings around!
Bear ring £10-Sooooo heavy, he's maybe a little scary, but I thought it was unusual.
Deer ring £12.50-This sits really nicely on my finger, I actually wished I'd bought it in a smaller size to wear on the top of my finger. (I thought this had a cuter face than the stag head one-although I loved the long antlers on that-it did remind me a little too much of the freaky carcass heads at the wedding venue in Aberdeenshire that I told you about though, so the 'pretty' deer was the safer option).
Binoculars ring £6.50-My only non-animal ring...except you could use it to bird watch all my birdy rings!!


  1. oh you were just in time with the birdcage one, it's out of stock now! Which is a bit of a shame, I would have liked to have it but I have to watch my money (how boring!) and I've seen a dress at Miss Selfridge that I'm dying to have.
    I would have thought you'd get the duck ring as well btw! But it is a bit on the expensive side...I like it alot though! Topshop are doing way to many cute rings...

  2. Awww i love all your jewellery and big rings are the best :D

  3. So cute, i love stuff like this but never buy it for some reason x

  4. Thank you girlies!

    Marlein-I have the matching birdcage necklace too from ages ago and it's the same cute little birdy! The duck ring was in my basket, out of my basket, in again then out. In the end I couldn't justify spending £20 on it...maybe if it had been a horse or some other animal I really like! I have absolutely no money just now, it sucks and there are shoes I want to buy soooo badly, grrr! Have you just moved house? How's it going? That's stressful!


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