Sunday, 29 August 2010

Review & Swatches: No7 Autumn Limited Edition & Purple Liquorice Liplicious

I had a few No7 vouchers to spend so I set my sister off on the trail to get me some new things! Aside from the purple lipgloss I wanted so much, I bought the other items unseen-from the new Autumn Limited Edition collection.
There are 2 lipsticks in the new range (£9.75), Plum Rebel or Nude Rebel-I got nude (obv-although from the website images the plum looks pretty too). They come in a square casing with snakeskin feel fabric on the end which is quite cute. This shade is a nice terracotta-ish nude, not what I would class as pale nude, more a light brown. I didn't find it completely matte-the flash picked up a sheen and there is definitely a very slight shine (but no shimmer). I haven't had the chance to wear it lots yet, but it feels nice and velvety and provides a true-to-the-tube colour. Swatches at the bottom of this post.
I was very intrigued with the Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat (£6.75) which is also limited edition. It completely transforms regular nail polish (any kind) so that it has a dull, matte finish which was hugely popular on the catwalks last year. It's totally an oxymoron that nail 'polish' be matte and I admit it can take a bit of getting used to-but I kinda like crazy nails, so I was keen to test it out. I applied it (immediately) to my thumb nail, over the Boots Limited Edition Barry M lilac shade which is a creme (shiny but with no glitter or pearlised finish).
It goes on exactly like a regular top coat (shiny) but quickly dries and magically turns matte. It can slightly alter the colour underneath, as you can see in the swatches when shown with the other fingers. I don't hate it but I'm not totally converted either. I'll definitely use it again and play around with darker colours or glitter or pearlised polishes to see how they transform. I suppose because I usually opt for high shine varnish it will just take a while to get used to it. I did start to notice a slight sheen to the nail after a few days, but I think that comes from using hand creams etc. I'll be sure to post more images when I try out other colours with it.
Finally the gorgeous, sparkly, deep Purple Liquorice lipgloss. This is one of the new colours in the Liplicious gloss range £9.50 (not limited edition), that I spoke about the other week. I struggled to get decent images of it because it's so dark.
The glitter is sporadic on the lips which is surprising given the intensity of it in the tube. (naked lips above, Liplicious Purple Liquorice below)
In the second swatch image below you can see the greyish tone that I was taking about. On the lips it can vary from purple to grey depending on the light.
I'm really liking that No7 are trying something different and not playing it so safe and I'm really pleased with all my purchases. Have you bought anything that you like from No7 recently or have I tempted you to try any of these products? Remember to click images to enlarge.

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  1. I really want to hit No. 7 and get some of these products - the matte nail coat and the lip gloss especially. But I'm trying to be good! They do look great though. I have to resist! x


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