Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Irregular Choice & Poetic Licence

The Irregular Choice winter styles started appearing on the site yesterday-I'm so excited! I also found a couple of great links to Lyra Mag which have amazing photos of some of the new styles. I am absolutely in love with the peep-toe knee high boots from Poetic Licence shown at the bottom of this page. Swoon! I totally need them in every colour. Also on that page are the wonderful IC wedges that light up!!!! I'd heard about them, but didn't know if we'd ever see them. Ahmazing! Below are the gorgeous Sazzle boots, loving the multi-coloured zip, although I fear they will be quite a slim fit which probably won't fit my calves : (
The latest Poetic Licence range is absolutely their best yet-I'm just as excited (if not more) about the PL stuff shown here. I like the distressed metallic platforms, rosette shoes boots, crushed velvet peep toes, velvet and glitter mules and the absolute must-have for me is the Racy Lady frill shoe-boot. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm starting to fear for my bank balance already!


  1. wow! they're awesome if only i had a spare £220 :o(


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