Monday, 15 March 2010

Swatches: GOSH Pearl Shine Lipstick

GOSH Pearl Shine lipstick is a light, glossy feel lipstick with an extreme frost finish. As you can see from the images in the tube, they are extremely glittery, however this isn't chunky, gritty sparkle that you can feel between your lips. The glossy texture has a slightly slippy feeling, so the finish is frost rather than sparkle. They are also quite sheer, although pigmented in colour, it can really vary depending on how much you apply. It was very difficult to capture this quality on camera. The colours look pretty solid in the swatch, when actually they move with the light and have a different sheen (i.e. either silver or beige) depending on how you look at it.
620 Sparkle is a silver beige, the same style as MAC Sunsonic.
608 Desire is more a bronzed copper which can come out a darkish brown or light coppery nude depending on how much you apply and in what light.
610 Mermaid reminds me slightly of Myself by MAC, but obviously with much more pigment and slightly darker. It's the least shimmery of the three.

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