Saturday, 20 March 2010

Irregular Choice Bambino + Shimmy

I've not been very regular with posts this week and wasn't going to make any today. However, I took these images the other night and thought you would like to see them. I was just playing around with my new Irregular Choice shoes. You know I got the pink Bambino the other day, aren't they just TINY! I don't know what the size 3 would look like because my foot is totally vertical and there are barely any toes on the ground! I think I'm swaying more to keeping them and trying to cut the button hole or find another way. They are so stunning and usually I would send them back if the weren't right, but I just can't resist them.
The previous week, I finally got my hands on these green Shimmy courts. I got the black Diamontina boot for Christmas and I'm totally in love with the heel, so couldn't resist these babies. Turns out they are even more amazing in the flesh with contrasting fabrics (patent bubbly metallic, suede and leather).


  1. hmmm those straps on the Bambino really look annoying indeed! Have you tried making extra holes yet? I'd be so scared lol...maybe taking them to the cobbler is a good idea? They might have some special tool to make holes in straps? That's what I'd do if I were to keep them I think :) I can totally understand why you want to keep them...they are veeeeeery nice! Are they sorta comfy?

  2. Hi Marlein, I'm going to suss out those elasticated button thingys and see if that would work, although it might be too noticeable. If they don't work, I'll just tackle slicing the existing hole a little bigger, eek!

    They are quite comfy, much softer than the Love Games court which is quite a hard shoe. The 'vertical-ness' of your foot is incredible though, there's barely any foot touching the ground, so I would imagine they would get quite painful after a few hours!


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