Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My MAC Lip Collection

The other day I sat in my jammies until 6pm. However I did something slightly productive, I sorted out my MAC lipsticks and glosses, so they are all contained in the one box. Perhaps not something 'productive' to the rest of the world, but us makeup junkies know it's a massive and worthwhile task. I own...*drumroll*...72 lipsticks and 68 lipgloss including 12 Dazzleglass, 3 Dazzleglass Creme and 4 Cremesheen Glass. Not a bad collection seeing as I've only been buying MAC for a few years. I actually thought that it didn't look that much when it's altogether like this. Also in there are some marbled or 'tricolour' glosses were they called? A Lustreglass, one with a silver lid-is it Chromeglass? Plus lots of the couture glosses they release at Xmas time. I'd say maybe 90% of my MAC lip collection is Limited Edition, I tend to only purchase at the time of new releases. I've included this huge image (above) so you can see most of the shade names. I'm actually not that keen on storing lipsticks upside down but because I threw out most of the boxes and there are too many to have to turn them over to check the name, I have to. 15 Minutes lipstick is the other way around because it's very fragile and has broken away from the tube! Also a couple don't have shade names, the Dazzleglass is Euro Beat and the lipstick is Fanfare Cremesheen.


  1. Omg how much did that cost? Do you comet blue dazzleglass and money honey those the best DGs in moi opinion. From maddy please reply xoxo

  2. heehee, it's been built up over a few years, but I dread to think of it's value! Yes, i have both those dazzleglass, I never wear comet blue though...it's just sooo blue, I can never get it to work on me without looking silly!

  3. comet blue is fantastic over any pink lipstick just completely changes it x


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