Monday, 22 March 2010

Harajuku Lovers Jewellery

I've spoken before about how it would be easier to set up an automatic transfer so all my money went straight into Gwen Stefani's bank account. Between her Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B. lines, I give her practically all my money anyway! My little sister adores the bags and t-shirts from HL whilst I love the shoes from both lines. We own all the dolls and all the fragrances and now there's a HL jewellery line! Big mistake! At the moment it's only available in the US, but we both thought it was too cute to wait for it to come over here and ordered straight away. Karmaloop are a fantastic site, I can't believe our order arrived today (by DHL), only a couple of days after we placed it. Amazing! You can also buy from Kitson and Nordstrom, although we found the best deal for what we were after at Karmaloop (my sis also got HL & Tokidoki bags and a Tokidoki t-shirt as well as a HL bracelet and earrings).
I ordered 3 necklaces and you don't really need me to say much about them, the pictures say it all. Baby is the large pendant that opens to reveal a small mirror (how cool is that?), $60.
G $40 is actually a whistle (yep it works), she is on a slightly longer chain and is smaller. The charm is just clipped on, so you could use it on a bracelet or anything. The attention to detail is beyond amazing, she is actually wearing red nail polish and all the chains feature these HL logo lockets as a closure (super kawaii).
Finally, you know I'm a sucker for pearls-so I had to get this. This unusual necklace $40 features large pearls on a pewter coloured chain with bright pink pom poms and a cute little Love head. I am over the moon with my order and now want to collect them all-I tried to show some restraint this time round! You also get little rings with their heads on them, which I really wanted, but wasn't sure how they would fit (I have quite big fingers). They are elasticated, but I envisaged them cutting the blood circulation off, so decided against them!


  1. oh the necklaces are sooo cute .

  2. aren't they just the cutest things! : )


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