Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Irregular Choice Haul: Loves Games + Bambino

I ordered these teddy print Love Games from another site last week, but wasn't happy with the print. Hardly any teddies! I wanted to get the pink Bambino anyway so ordered direct from Irregular Choice and bought another pair of teddies with them. There's been a debate this week as to whether or not they are sold with leg spatz, because the image in the listing changed from just the court shoe to the court with spatz.
I was surprised to find they did come with the attachment (seeing as the plain spatz are £35 per pair and these were £69.99 for shoes and spatz),a good deal. The teddy placement on the fabric is much better than my previous pair, although the quality wasn't as I expected. It's like those flannelette childrens pj's, the type that go bobbly after a few washes! As for fit, they are slightly snug, but not enough for me to go up a whole size. If they had half sizes in stock, they would be perfect. The length is great, it's just across my foot, although I think the average person will find them a good fit. The spatz have the same crushed velvet lining and attach with velcro under the shoe. The top has a drawstring to gather. They just fit my leg at the top and no more, so they don't have that slouchy look on me, that they would perhaps have on others.
Bambino were slightly more purpley looking than I expected. The little dolly is adorable, I love it. However one has a loop attached (on her beanie) for using as a bag or mobile charm. I'm not quite sure why anyone would want to wear shoes with a doll on one foot and not on the other? (you would have to cut the stitching to detach the doll and wouldn't be able to re-attach). You also can't just take the loop off to make them identical, because it is caught in with the stitching at the back of the doll. I also find one doll is slightly wobbly and she tends to sit to one side, off-centre which is annoying. These don't feel quite as tight as the Love Games (they are a more 'flexible' shoe), however my main problem lies with the strap. It fastens with one of those annoying elasticated buttons (you know I hate them). There is absolutely no 'give' in the patent strap, the length of elastic on the button is practically non-existent and add to this the fact that the button hole isn't near the end of the strap, but an inch in and you've got an impossible task of trying to do this up. There's no way it's going to work and I don't want to try and pull the button out slightly in case I break it. My only option if I keep them is to make another button hole. I'm not sure if this will look unsightly or if it's even possible, but I feel I have to try as I really like the shoes. What do you think? To keep or not to keep?

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  1. Hi girl!

    I read on the IC forum about your shoes...such a shame!

    But anyway...I personally would send the Bambino back and keep the Love Games.
    I wouldn't keep the Bambino because they're quite expensive and if I'm not 100% happy with shoes that price I always send them back.
    If you start to make holes in them and stuff and it doesn't look good/work/rip the whole thing then you can't get your money back.
    And there are sooooooooo many cool styles this season that I'd rather use the money to get a different style that doesn't annoy me ;)
    Anyway...that's just my thought...good luck with the shoes! :)

    PS. love you blog! it's one of my favorites! :)


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