Friday, 12 March 2010

Lancome La Laque Fever Haul & Swatches

You may remember the excellent Lancome/Boots offer I wrote about the other week. Spend £29 and receive the GWP, buy another item (at least 1 item to be skincare) and receive 1000 advantage points, so I couldn't really pass that up, could I? Here's the loot. I got Baume Eclat cleanser which I adore, although I have never owned a full size bottle (quite excited about that). I checked out the O! My Rose spring collection, although they had the cherub highlighter from last year on the stand rather than the new Pop N'Cheeks blush. I was immediately drawn to the glosses, one of which I already had (must be a repromote). The new Color Fever Gloss in 022 BB Sand is astonishingly beautiful though. Multi coloured glitter on a barely there nude base, it almost brought a tear to my eye!
The very helpful assistant (I think it's Heather) is like your dream counter lady because she totally remembers the things I like even although I tend to buy more online than from her counter and she's so enthusiastic. She said I would love the La Laque Fever glosses, which I had never paid much attention to before. I had always thought they were like a long-last, liquid lipstick, bold colour, lots of pigment no glitter. How wrong was I? It's correct that they are long-lasting, but some shades are quite sheer and all are a total shimmer fest. She picked out a brightish pink for me and on came the 'Oh God, oh God, that is amazing, OMG'. It was 316 Pink My Ride. Now most people do think I'll love pinks because of my hair but actually I tend not to suit that shade on my lips, but I couldn't not get this. It was too pretty. So I'm hoping it works on me. I told her I liked nudes and she found a pale pink LLF which looked completely different to the CF gloss I spoke about earlier but almost identical when swatched. Then she pointed out the LE coral shade of LLF (112 Coral Bliss) which I probably wouldn't have opted for in the tube but I decided (after much deliberation) to go with that. Now I nearly tore my hair out over these swatches, I just can't convey in the image how it looks in person. They are uber sparkly and glossy, which dries to a frostier finish, but still sparkly. The best description is that they twinkle in the light and especially under the shop lights, they are dazzling! The coral shade looks quite pigmented here but it's actually more sheer and doesn't look so coral in the flesh (look further up the wand towards the lid to see the colour). My only gripe is that it would be annoying if you owned lots of these, because they come in silver tubes where you can't see the colour. The pink one has a bright pink band around the tube and the LE one has red (further confusion!).
The GWP is great, it contains Color Fever lipstick in 312 Pink In The Limo (or you could get a pink Juicy Tube mini), Eau Michellaire Douceur 50ml, Galateis Douceur 50ml, Bi-Facil 30ml, Genefique 5ml, Hydra Zen Neurocalm 15ml, Hypnose Senses 5ml and Hypnose mascara in Black. The LE green nail polish 014 Pop Petrol is also worth a look, stunning but I couldn't really justify spending £14 on it. The new BB Kiss metallic lip thingy wasn't on the stand (don't know if it was stolen or sold out) but the case was there. Not sure what I would have thought of that. As I said yesterday, I am going back to get the BB Sand CF because I can't stop thinking about it.

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