Friday, 5 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I'm loving all the Alice in Wonderland stuff that's in the shops just now. I've always thought you get really cute memorabilia, however I'm actually not that keen on her character. It all stems from a visit to the Alice museum in Llandudno years ago on a family holiday, which seems to have scarred me for life. You had to listen to her narrating the entire way round, through headphones and she came across as a right snobby, stuck up little thing. It immediately put me off her. I'm sure Rupert Bear and the modern Andy Pandy and Noddy are her brothers, because they have equally annoying, similar voices! However that said, I still can't seem to resist items with her cute little image on them.
I've been unsuccessfully trying to purchase the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows £28 from Debenhams (exclusive). There was one lucky blogger (I've forgotten her name, sorry) who got to try out the palette first in the UK. She's taken loads of photos and also very helpfully included all the 'real names' of the eyeshadows in the palette. Don't be fooled into thinking they are brand new shades, if you already own quite a few UD sets it's likely they'll contain a lot of these renamed colours.
I've also been checking ASOS every day for these gorgeous Paul & Joe collectors tins. Again they are exclusive and ASOS currently still have both in stock, £25. They contain a lip treatment stick and blotting papers, plus a refill. There are two different shades to pick from, I've ordered Day Dream with a nude lip colour (Fantasy contains pink lip shade).

Also pictured above is the OPI Alice in Wonderland mini nail polish set £12.15 or the colours are available in full size bottles for £9.95 each, also from ASOS. Miss Selfridge have a lovely selection of Alice t-shirts and loads of high-street stores have Alice inspired jewellery just now. Disney Couture (available at ASOS) have also produced a range of of jewellery featuring teacup rings, keyhole earrings and 'drink me' necklaces. Tom Binns has also collaborated with Disney Couture for some really special pieces.

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