Monday, 29 March 2010

MAC Highlighter Teaser

Horrible lighting today, so I didn't get to take the pictures I wanted. Coming soon are my lovely MAC highlighters with a little teaser today. I can't guarantee the lighting will be better tomorrow because Scotland is expecting snow! At the end of March, can you believe it? Living in a coastal, seaside town has it's advantages though because I think we'll just miss it. Having said that, it would be quite fun to get some snow at Easter time : )
Have you made your list for MAC Liberty of London? It's out 1st April and looks utterly delicious. The packaging is really cutesy and the colours are gorgeous. I can't decide whether to be ruthless and later regret the items I miss out on or to just get everything that I like! Example: do I really need Blooming Lovely if I already have Fashion Mews, Lavender Whip and NYX Power? It's so pretty though....


  1. Blooming Lovely is slightly warmer in colour than Fashion Mews and Lavender Whip. I don't have power, but I've done some comparisons with Blooming Lovely:

  2. Thank you so much, they are great photos...think I'll just buy the whole bundle of things I want, rather than regret later! I haven't been this excited over a mac collection for a long time.


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