Saturday, 27 March 2010

Amazing Cloggs (Irregular Choice) Discount Code

I've been sitting on this code for some time, but selfishly didn't want to announce it 'to the world' before I'd had time to use it (naughty I know). I'm glad I've waited though and you will be too, because yesterday Cloggs reduced their (already cheaper than most places) Irregular Choice shoes by a fiver each, so I'm saving you even more money. Now the offer is on new stock and is 3 for 2 (getting the cheapest item free). I found this way too good to resist. Stuff free shipping or 10% off when you're getting £50/60/70 shoes for free!
They've been adding to their IC stock over the past couple of weeks and have loads of new styles. You know I was gagging for the metallic, colourful Love Games (£59.99)-so they were a no brainer (they aren't even on the IC site yet). Throw in the fact you get the leg spatz too and I'm over the moon. I also got the yellow Rocko (£69.99) and black and white checked Toodle Loo (£49.99 FREE) which I'd been eyeing on the Office site.
BOS (Bank of Sis) had to help out with the payment for now as this offer is only available until the 30th March, so I had to act quickly. Cloggs also offer free shipping and there are several delivery methods to choose from. I was quite tempted with the new Excuse Me Miss (£64.99) or Bo Derek (£54.99) which would've given me a better deal, however I wanted the Toodle Loo more and you can't sniff at getting £50 shoes for nothing (especially when they're £60 in Office). Of course you could also choose to buy from other brands as this offer is valid on all footwear, not just IC. Please also note the teddy print Love Games do not come with the leg spatz and I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and the print is as shown on the Cloggs site (barely any teddies), so I returned them for a more teddy-ful pair direct from Irregular Choice! The code you need is SUM342, happy shopping!


  1. haha "the shoes will have to wait" is what I believe you wrote in your last post haha ;) Great deal though! Unfortunately they don't have any of the pairs I want (Sunday Afternoon and I reeeeeeeeeeeally want the Teddy Lace ones they have on Schuh...oh and Fantasy Flower in pink but I'll get those off Amazon as they have cheaper shippingcosts...such a bore to have to shop around to get the best deal on shipping as I don't live in the UK. The official IC webshop almost put me off buying with their crazy shipping! Almost...;)).

    I do love the Love Games you got though...I think they look even better with the Spatz...better then I think the Teddy ones look anyway!

  2. Sssshh, don't quote me, hee hee! I just couldn't pass it up, even although it's a shame they didn't have some styles that I liked more than Rocko+Toodle Loo (floral Kim Oh No, Once In Love and Making Moves). I'm just so chuffed to get those Love Games though, I love the rich fabric, much nicer than the teddies (which feel like old pj's!)

    I didn't realise you didn't live in the UK, yes shipping costs can be a pain, IC can charge quite a lot : (

    I have a voucher for ASOS that I was thinking of using for Fantasy Flower or another pair of Vivienne Westwood/Melissa shoes. Oh there's just too many shoes to choose from! x

  3. I TOTALLY understand haha ;)

    I do love the Rocko shoes though, not sure if I like the yellow or the pink more. The others have a heel I just can't handle lol...I'm not a die-hard heel wearer (like yourself ;)) so if I get reeeeeeally high heels like the Love Games I'd probably never wear them which would be a shame :)

    Melissa doe some aaaaaaaaawesome shoes...I have Kali in bright blue :D

    I live in The Netherlands so it's not too bad (IC charge 12 pounds, the most expensive webshop I've encountered grrr but that's because they have a flatrate, so if I were to order 2 or 3 pairs it's quite good but for 1 pair it's a lot)...that one girl posting on the IC forum from Caracas...daaamn I feel sorry for her, she pays more for shipping then the shoes cost! :O

  4. Yeah, I quite liked the pink Rocko too, suppose it was better that the decison was already made for me!

    £12 is ok for postage, but that poor girl on the IC forum-I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices! It's awful, although someone in front of me at the Post Office today was sending a box to China filled with clothes and teddy bears (not too heavy) and they were sending it surface mail which takes 3 months (!) and it was £55. So I suppose for a tracked, faster delivery for one pair of shoes it would be quite expensive-I just couldn't pay that for one item though!

  5. Hi! I got my Making Moves today! :D So I took some picture for you...bit bad quality but my boyfriend took the "real" camera with him to work today so had to use my phone.
    I was a little disappointed at first...IC has some damn good photo's on their site and the shoes always look soooooo good, they're a bit less beautiful in real life...but I still totally love em haha

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    Picture 3

    Picture 4


    Picture 6...and here's why I was slightly disappointed...the leather has some pretty bad wrinkles in it :( I was expecting it to be smooth.

    And they'll need a little breaking in as they're pinching a bit on the top of my foot. But I still love em heaps so I really can't send em back lol

    Oh one last thing...I was expecting this, but when wearing the shoes the charms really do need to come off, they bang very annoyingly against the foot and I'd be scared to damage them. But I knew that would be the case when I ordered them so that's ok and they come off easily with a clip so it's not like with the Bambino :)

  6. I just found this out...the doll can be easily detached from the rest of the charms so it can be worn on it's own on the shoe! That way you don't have the heavy charms banging on your foot but still something cute!

    yaay! :D

  7. *gasp* Marlein you're an absolute doll, thank you so much for the pics. They are totally, totally gorgeous. I really, really want them now and think I prefer the hearts to the paint-splatter version.

    I did wonder if all the charms together would be too much (and very noisy), so that's great that you can take them off. How's the cuff around your ankle for size? I'd be worried that it would be too tight on me...I don't have massive ankles but not super slim either.

  8. The cuff is pretty loose on me...I was worried about it as well when I ordered that. I've tried to measure it for you...from the front to the back is roughly 11,5cm, don't know if that's any help lol I think you'll be ok, it's not tiny anyway! :)

  9. Hey,

    I want ton say you I love your blog. I love your shoe's selection.*
    I will come back in your blog.

    Good luck!


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