Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Very Little Haul And Rant

Yesterday I went shopping and actually didn't see that much to buy (we didn't really go many places to be honest). It's probably because I actually have some money left over this month and I'm not due anyone anything-so there's nothing to buy! It won't last long though I'm sure. I'm trying to talk myself out of blowing it all on shoes, although I did order 2 pairs of Irregular Choice yesterday and have my eye on a few more pairs. This latest collection is seriously killer.
Now because this is my blog, I get to say what I want and so I want to start off with a little (big) dig at a certain high street store who are seriously lacking basic customer service (I'm not fussy, I just expect pleasant staff and easy to shop facilities). H&M in The Overgate, Dundee, it's you and if you don't buck up your ideas, I may individually name and shame the staff (yep). It's getting to the point that I don't want to shop there, because I wonder why I should give them my money, when they are so crap at their job. It started when we got off the bus and couldn't get into any of the 3 or 4 sets of double doors leading into the shop from the street. A wheelchair doesn't fit through one door (we tried) and it appeared that only one side of each set were open (I admit we didn't check all 8!!). One kind man even stopped to help us, but he couldn't open the other door as it was locked. So we were forced to go the long way round and enter from within the shopping centre. Although by this point I was so pissed off I didn't want to go in at all. I won't go into huge detail and bore you, but H&M if you are reading this, please learn that wheelchair users cannot get anywhere near your till with those useless stands you place on both sides of the counter (and for the record, does anyone buy the stuff in them?). We also cannot reach out of our chair with our arms behind our heads and our head back to front to type our pin into your chip and pin machine (can you?). Please let your staff know it's helpful to be able to hand the machine to the customer instead of expecting body contortions (plus get rid of all the crap entwined around the cord, so I don't do what I did the time before and knock it all over in frustration at having to do all of this myself). Rant over and I've not even let loose on the actual staff (can they actually speak? Because they haven't ever to me).
Anyways, I saw this t-shirt with its beautiful fashion illustration and had to have it (Divided £7.99). I'm not a t-shirt girl as you may have gathered from the last post, but I wore it today and made it work! I teamed it with a sticky out, printed skirt, shirt half tucked out (SJP stylee), belt and a little cardi. I love it! Also great, that it's a size 16 and fits me perfectly. It's obviously supposed to be worn pretty loose (good for me with big boobs). My skirt was also a 16 and had been hiding in my wardrobe because I didn't think I fitted it, good but ridiculous at the same time that I could fit a size 16 and 20 (what's wrong with clothing sizing?).
I also picked up this little birdy cage necklace from Topshop. A good friend of mine gave me one years ago, but it's black. I loved the detailing of the cage on this one (£9), I managed to talk myself out of a massive corsage necklace with chains and pearls (either £16 or £20, can't remember).

I realised that I forgot my Boots card and I was going to get the other Lancome gloss that I didn't buy last week (I still haven't shown you that haul yet, I'm remembering) off my points. I decided instead to get it from Debenhams because I have £10 of beauty points to spend, but they had sold out, grrr! I hope Boots have it next time I'm there, it was lovely.

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  1. sounds like that H&M need to hire some new, helpful staff that at least know how to unlock doors so all customers can come in!

    Can't wait to see which 2 pairs you ordered from IC...I'm totally obsessed with the SS10 collection as well...been checking the webshop everyday (well ok...a few times a day) to see if they've added new styles bad I've already spent my budget for this month!


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