Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Irregular Choice Are Here

My Irregular Choice shoes have just arrived and I've very quickly taken some images to show you. Unfortunately the lighting today is terrible, actually that's a lie, it's non-existent. Who said British Summer Time had officially arrived?

Rocko in yellow with carved lucite heel. These are a similar shape to my green, sparkly Oz that I got before Christmas. I find Oz slightly too tight across my foot, however Rocko are actually a little on the big side-which is good because I need that.
Love Games are stunning, such beautiful colours and fabric. However, my camera kept picking up the blue shades and ignoring the pretty purples, greens, gold and pink-so annoying. Love Games are of course exactly the same as my teddy pair, but can you believe I can't get my foot in? Not at all. My teddy pair are on the small side, but at least I could get my feet into them!
Toodle Loo in black and white are also too small. If I untie the bow, I can just get my feet in, but I wouldn't be comfortable in them. I'm a little disappointed with their finish. The orange crushed velvet is literally only the insole, the insides of the shoes are plain and look unfinished. I hadn't realised that until I got them.
Thankfully Cloggs offer free exchanges, so I'll send back the latter two for bigger sizes. It does mean I have to wait even longer and panic they'll sell out before I get them! My Matalan dresses arrived today too, I haven't had time to try them on yet. My Dorothy Perkins didn't turn up which is disappointing as the necklaces I ordered were for my Mums birthday today. She's away to Glasgow with my little sister to see the amazing dance group 'Diversity' who won Britain's Got Talent. I asked if they could go to River Island to get this necklace for me, because it is so hideously cute (they got it), so can't wait to see it. Hope you are all keeping safe and warm!

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  1. Those shoes are the CUTEST. You have such a lovely collection! I've given you an award on my blog here. xo


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