Thursday, 6 May 2010

No7 Decades 75th Anniversary Collection

I promised a closer look at the Decades collection from No7, so here it is. My sister picked up a leaflet all about the range instore and I took photos for you and kept them very large (actually larger than real life), so that you can read how to get each look (just click to enlarge). Each decade has it's own gloss £6.75 (named after a celebrity of that era), eyeshadow trio £9.25 and nail polish £6.75 (named after a typical fashion). There is also a 75th Anniversary palette with highlighter, 2 lip colours and 2 eyeshadows for £14.
I used my No7 £5 voucher to get Jennifer gloss from the 1990's range, a pretty peachy shade with oodles of gold shimmer. The gloss is described as having a hint of colour, but I actually found it very pigmented in the swatch and this is one of the less 'colourful' shades from the range. I have to say it's tiny though, only 4.5ml, but the price reflects that slightly. I've detailed below all items from each decade, so you know exactly what you're looking for.
1940's: Fabulous 40's, inspired by the classic Hollywood starlets of the day, a classic look.
Judy gloss, Starlet Stocking nail colour and Fabulous 40's eye trio.
1950's: Flirty 50's, reminiscent of the technicolour era of feminine fashion.
Marilyn gloss, Bobby Socks nail colour and Flirty 50's eye trio.
1960's: Swinging 60's, inspired by the great feminine icons of the decade.
Dusty gloss, Mini Skirt nail colour and Swinging 60's eye trio.
1970's: Supreme 70's, a new age, bohemian 70's look which fits the current trend for pastel colours.
Bianca gloss, Maxi Dress nail colour and Supreme 70's eye trio.
1980's: Electric 80's, inspired by the nightclub scene and music icons of the 80's.
Joan gloss, Cocktail Dress nail colour and Electric 80's eye trio.
1990's: Feisty 90's, inspired by the pared down look of early 90's new minimalism.
Jennifer gloss, Pink Slip nail colour and Feisty 90's eye trio.
2000's: The noughties, purple was the most popular shade of the decade and smokey eyes the favourite makeup statement.
Agyness gloss, Waiting List nail colour (couldn't they think of a fashion trend of the 00's?) and The Noughties eye trio.
Face Charts;
How to get the look;


  1. i brought the gloss in dusty using a no7 voucher, i love it!, such a pretty milky pink!


  2. I still haven't had the chance to check them out in person, but Dusty sounds nice!


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