Wednesday, 12 May 2010

MAC 'To The Beach' Marine Life Powder

So here's the elusive (and in my case, expensive) MAC High-Light Powder in Marine Life. High shine green LE packaging for this one, which makes a pleasant change. The powder itself is bright coral and dusky pink with gold highlights (which are just overspray). I haven't yet had the courage to swatch (and in doing so remove the gold sparkles), but at some stage I will...maybe! This item has sold out online and unless you wish to pay double the retail price (I'm complaining at paying 50% more!) on ebay, then you'll have to visit a counter and check if they have any. As far as I know this lands instore tomorrow.
with flash, very shimmery!


  1. how lovely to use that background! very cute ;)

  2. It's so pretty, I think I'd be scared to use it too!

  3. very pretty! And I love Ariel!! :)

    I've ordered something again even though I really shouldn't have considering my finances lol...but I made excuses why it would be ok and I did anyway this Daisy dress from Topshop!

    (sorry, big URL!)...and the excuse was that I've been searching for a dress with daisies for about 6 months (which is true) and that I love this one (which is also true) and I've been watching it for 2 days since it went live and the stock had already dropped down to just 3 in size 14 (which is also very true)! So I obviously had to order it before it sold out right? Right!

    Have a nice day :)


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