Friday, 14 May 2010

New Harajuku Lovers 'Pandora' Shoes

Another item crossed off my fantasy wishlist the other week, was a new pair of Harajuku Lovers shoes. You all know I'm besotted with anything HL and ever since the footwear was launched, I've longed for a pair. I bought these lovely Pandora slingbacks and I'm so happy with them. The detailing is just as I've come to expect of the brand; beautiful box, HL branded tissue paper and you'll notice cute heart details all over the shoe, even the eyelets and tongue are heart shaped. You'll also know I'm a fan of pretty soles, probably stemming from my obsession with Irregular Choice and it's great to see another brand doing it too. A word of warning though, these shoes do run small, due in part to the conversion from US sizing. I got a UK 5.5 (US 7.5) and they *just* fit-if no half sizes are available I'd suggest going up one full size (I was lucky because of the slingback style and adjustable buckle in this case). Some sizing charts will say a UK 5 is a US 7, others say a US 8, so just a heads up on that. Now I just have to stop my sister stealing the box from me!


  1. Another great pair! Although I like the front heeeeeeaps but the back less...I find slingbacks to be pretty hard to walk with as the back keeps slipping down, specially when walking stairs. But I really adore the front, so cute with the hearts! :)

    And I know what you mean about American size conversions, they drive me crazy as they're always wrong! They often say a UK5 = US7.5 but I've ordered shoes twice in a US7.5 because it said that on the website but both times it turned out to be a UK5.5 (or EU38.5) pisses me off because sending stuff back to the US is really expensive.
    So I ordered the Jeffrey Campbells in a size US7...they arrived today and they fit perfectly! And they're totally gorgeous. The look really small too, I was worried they'd be really clumpy but they're not!
    So anyway, I'm very sure now that a UK5 = US7 haha although I don't think I'll order much from the US anymore...customs charges are so high, it's hardly worth it unfortunately :(

  2. Christ almighty...this is like shoe porn! They are gorgeous beyond words!

  3. Marlein; so pleased that you (eventually) got your shoes and that they fit! It is very frustrating with the sizing conversion and often you don't know whether the (UK) site offering them to you have taken the liberty of going a size up or not-because the 5 falls between sizes. I then don't know if I'm going to get a US 7 or 8 or whether to order a bigger size but you could end up with a US 9!

    Ms.Wedgie, haha, there's even more to come, wait until you see my luscious River Island Design Forum shoesies!!

  4. Marlein, I forgot to say, these shoes are also available with a chunky lower heel and aren't slingback...I was very tempted with them because sometimes slingbacks are irritating and can either dig into your heel or slip off, but these seem to fit very well.

  5. yep I did a little search after I read this post and found the ones I think you mean, Packard right? They are reeeeeeeally very very nice but unfortunately over my budget at the moment :(

  6. Yes Marlen, silly me, I forgot to include the link. I actually had my eye on Packard (from thefashionstage) and it wasn't until recently that I realised Javari/Amazon stock the Pandora version too. They've really put the prices up this week for some reason, because I paid less than half of what they are now. Shame.


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