Saturday, 22 May 2010

Quick FOTD

Oh my goodness, it's been soooo hot today. I think I've just realised that I'm a winter bunny, all this heat makes me feel like I'm melting (trying not to complain about it though!). Plus, I can't seem to find anything to wear that's cool but not indecent! I used to think I was the opposite, that I didn't do layering and cold weather dressing very well, I've definitely changed!
I had a lie-in this morning which has done wonders, I really needed it. I've been feeling so lethargic and fat and just out of sorts all week. I had a nice cool shower, then pinned my hair up (so it's nice and curly tomorrow) and properly wore makeup for only the 2nd time this week. I ended up wearing a white floral dress from Dorothy Perkins and popped a little black cardi over the top and black leggings for going out in, then took them off the minute I got home! It was just as hot inside as out though, we had fans and open windows and doors and everything going on! And my afternoon cuppy had to be replaced with a Mars ice-cream, yum! I only took this one image today, I wore my MAC Fafi scarf to cover my hair, Lancaster Chameleon eye shadows in 113 Dream d'Azure and the slightly darker 106 Midnight Ocean in the crease with Lancome Ombre Eclair pencil in Silver on the lower lash line and inner corners to highlight. My lips are The Lap Of Luxury lipgloss and my blush is Fashion Frenzy, both by MAC.

My FOTD from the other day is coming up shortly and I also wanted to mention-just because I think it looks so prominent in this image, my scar next to my...left eye (had to check which one it was there!). I fell against the corner of a coffee table when I was a toddler and have been left with this little dent. I can vaguely remember it and it all the blood but I don't even notice it much now. Although, it's funny because my Mum mentioned it the other day, saying how with hindsight they probably should've taken me to get it stitched at the time. What can I say, I'm a hardy lass! I also have a little scar next to my nose on the right side of my face, going into my cheek, it's not too noticeable-I had a lump removed just before my 18th birthday. That one scarred me for life, mentally, I can still shudder and feel the pain of the injection, there's nothing that can prepare you for having someone repeatedly stick a needle into your face, then there was getting the stitches out which was almost as bad, because the surgeon made them so tiny. The nurse made it bleed trying to grab a hold of the stitch, but that's probably too much information, sorry guys!

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