Saturday, 8 May 2010

Charlotte Olympia Greta Platforms

I have a wish list of luxury items I'd like to own, beautiful things that really mean something to me. I've never put pen to paper and committed myself to it-perhaps it would make it more 'real' if I did (isn't that what they say?). However, it's made up of a mixture of items that I can afford, but have never got round to buying (i.e. Disney Couture magic castle necklace), items that I would have to save for (Lulu Guinness lip clutch) and those that I could probably never afford, aren't for sale or couldn't purchase without being racked with guilt for the rest of my life (Chanel 2.55 bag)! As I turn 30 in a couple of weeks, I've been pondering this wish list and indeed my 'life-list'. My life list is very eclectic and includes ambitious things (like winning an Oscar!) to the bizarre (eating fries in an American diner from a red plastic basket like in the US tv shows I watched growing up) and then natural, more obvious things like getting married and having children.
Anyway, this week, I struck another item off my fantasy wish list, by purchasing a pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes. I must add that this list sees more action than my life-list which has been pretty redundant for years! Recently I've purchased Terry De Havilland wedges, Miu Miu shoes, a Papa Razzi clutch, LAMB shoes and many more things, so I think I'm doing not too badly so far. I did give myself such a hard time for spending so much money on these shoes though, when (a) I don't have a job and (b) I already own hundreds of shoes. However I feel I've fulfilled something in mentally striking it off the list, albeit completely superficial! The pictures say it all, I'm sure you don't need me to talk about how much I love the large stuck-on style platform etc etc. I'm quite happy just gazing and stroking them and feel really lucky, not to mention warm and fuzzy, that they are mine. Now I just need to work on getting a man and that Academy Award!


  1. oh they are nice! congrats on the new edition to your collection ;) And here's to life-wish-lists! And crossing stuff off of course!

    My wish list doesn't have that many material things on it actually...but that's because I tend to wish for stuff I can afford anyway...sometimes after a little saving of course ;) I make one every month and then buy the stuff and make a new one for the next month haha...last night I sent a few hours searching for a nice turquoise/teal summer coat (which are very few at the moment!) and found one for GBP20...happy me! I am still on the hunt for the perfect playsuit that doesn't make me feel fat though haha

    My life-wish-list consists of...well almost exclusively traveling, places I still want to see. Istanbul will probably be the next place we go! Planning to go there for my birthday in January.
    But my favorite city in the world...well of the cities I've visited is.....Edinburgh! hehe...might be a bit funny to you as you might have been there 10000 times since your in Scotland but I love it so much...I even get a bit teary-eyed when we get off the bus on waverly bridge and I hear the bagpipes hehe
    It's quite a big dream of mine to one day live in Edinburgh...but I might need to be a bit richer hah! At least to live where I would want to be which is near the old town...might have to win the lotto for that dream! ;)

  2. Oh yes I forgot to tell you...the Jeffrey Campbell wedges were sent out on the 29th of April! Much sooner then expected as they weren't supposed to till the 15th of May. They have tracking...and they've been in Dutch customs since Thursday evening...needless to say I am almost dead with anticipation....!
    They might be here tomorrow...omg


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