Thursday, 6 May 2010

Interview: The Shoe Girl Pt.3

I'm not forgetting your interview questions, just running behind with them. Here's another couple of questions from you;

You wear such high heels, have they ever caused you an injury?
No they haven't. Like I've said before I'm very at home wearing heels and don't topple off them (touch wood). I used to get the odd blister or rubbing from new shoes...ooh I have to tell you the awful story about my jelly shoes. This was the 90's when jelly shoes made a comeback and they were heeled. I had a lovely pair and had actually worn them for months, then one day, out of the blue, they turned on me. The bottom of both of my feet were completely split open, it was terrible, really painful. I couldn't suffer walking on them but still had work/school, so had to take a thick piece of cotton wool and bandage this to my feet every day. This of course meant I couldn't get my feet into any shoes though, but I had backless clogs at the time (they were also having a revival) and they were the only shoes my foot could fit in that wouldn't hurt. It took a good few weeks for them to recover and I still shudder at the thought of the mess my feet were in.

Do you have any funny or crazy shoe related stories?
Well, I've tried to post memories on The Shoe Girl Diaries that relate to a particular shoe, here's some stories that I hope won't bore you. There were the tartan Faith Solo shoes I wore on a plane to London for an interview and took them off mid-flight only to realise that by the time we landed I couldn't get my feet back in them because they'd swollen so much. I ended up walking around London barefoot looking for a new pair of shoes to buy!
I always say that I can do anything in heels, but it was probably taking it to the extreme when I went jogging in Spice Girl style platform trainers or when my friend taught me to drive in these boots (above)! When I was at Uni, our washing machine flooded and I was sitting on the kitchen floor in a little skirt and strappy sandals with water pouring out of the machine. I don't know what I was more worried about, flooding the house or ruining my shoes! When I lived in London, I had these beautiful black Shelly's shoes that had leather soles. When wet, they were an absolute nightmare. I was in the tube station and it had been raining and it was completely treacherous-I went skidding across the station in front of everyone (so embarrassing), so ended up taking them off and getting on the tube and escalators barefoot!
Then there are the Karen Millen leopard court shoe stories-which I think I mentioned on TSGD. One Christmas I was walking to church and the heel snapped clean off. I started crying in the middle of the street (because I loced the shoes) then hobbled home to change. KM were excellent at trying to find me a replacement, they tracked down the last pair in Manchester I think it was, but they were flooded and the shoes ruined! They eventually got the shoe re heeled (as you can see, it had a strange heel, so wasn't something that could be easily fixed), thank you KM! I loved wearing these shoes on nights out and one such time it was deep snow and I refused to ruin my shoes, so took them off and walked barefoot in the snow! The things I do for shoes!

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