Friday, 21 May 2010

MAC Funbathing Lipstick

Loved my lip colour yesterday, MAC Funbathing Cremesheen lipstick. It has this beautiful shimmer to it and looks so glossy, I adore Cremesheens! Ignore the dry skin on my face, I'm all flaky just now but Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night creams are coming to my rescue! This reminds me, I really should start up LOTD Challenge again (Lip Of The Day), I'm just too lazy though to get into wearing a different combo every day and documenting it, oopsy!


  1. This is a stunning colour!! Never seen it before but NEED IT NOW! Looks like berry flavoured slush puppy drinks!!!! x

  2. wow it's gorgeous!!!!! i think i'm gonna need it, too!!

  3. Thanks ladies. Yes, it's definitely the must-have lippie from To The Beach, lovely colour.


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