Friday, 7 May 2010

I Want This...

Can I do another "I Want This..." post on the same day? Yes, I can, because I just peed myself when I saw these and want them sooooo much. Schuh are calling them Toodle Loo, but I've often found they confuse Irregular Choice names (Audrina/Whitney for example), I think they should be called 'Love Games', because they are the same basic court shape as my metallic and teddy pairs with the added rosette (Toodle Loo have an extra section over the front which ties). Anyway, they are everything I could ever want in a shoe and I especially love the floral fabric which is used on the Once In Love wedges, however these courts are £30 cheaper, so I'll definitely be getting them first chance I can. I just have to work out whether I'll need a size 5 (like my teddy pair) or a 6 (that I need in my metallic pair) £59.99 available from Schuh.

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