Friday, 28 May 2010

I Want Kitsch!

I'm rather obsessed with the SS10 Miu Miu collection, as many of you are. Although I am a little surprised by the universal appreciation of the collection and more-so the shoes as I didn't think they would appeal to all. I loved the fabric colours and prints from the minute I saw them, cats+swallows+florals=totally cute, in my book. The shoes weren't an instant hit with me though, it took a little while for me to get past the clumpy, block heel 90's shape to see their true beauty. Now, however, they are all I can think about! The pale pink swallow print heels encrusted with crystals are the pair that I'm completely lusting after. I can't put into words, just how much I need them!
It annoys me when I'm quite prepared to pay the big bucks for designer shoes, but I just can't find them anywhere. Living outside of London and not being able to visit the Miu Miu department or store in person means you have to rely on online shops such as Net-A-Porter and they pretty much sell out of the shoes the minute they arrive or they don't get them at all! I realise the chances of owning these shoes are now extremely slim...probably impossible. Just as I admit defeat though, River Island (my other current obsession), come to my rescue with their take on the Miu Miu.
You've got the satin fabric in pale pink (below) or navy blue (above), the kitsch print (cherries instead of birds), the chunky heel (although this one tapers in) and the platform (not as large as Miu Miu). The cross-over straps and gems (yipee) finish the look. River Island have of course changed the style slightly and added features like a peep toe and extra ankle strap, so don't expect to be purchasing a replica. I prefer this though because while I can't always afford the designer item but still want the look, an exact copy i.e. something pretending to be the real design doesn't sit well with me (it's blatant copying not to mention the unethical underworld of fake designer goods).
When payday rolls round on Wednesday (*please don't sell-out before then*) I'm hoping to purchase these...probably in pink, £54.99 and a couple of dresses I've had my eye on for a while. The only thing I wish is that the platform was slightly larger, then I'd be 100% in love with them. What do you think?

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