Friday, 3 April 2009

Rimmel and L'Oreal Nude Lipstick Swatches

boots bag with rimmel palette lipsticks and loreal lipstickI found this Boots carrier bag lurking in my room the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find it had stuff in it. I believe I bought this at the end of last year, there was a free Rimmel palette, 2 Rimmel lipsticks and a L'Oreal one, all unused. I was probably waiting to take pictures of them before trying them and never got round to it. They are really gorgeous though, so I took some pics yesterday, so I can get using them!

The swatches didn't turn out very well, but hopefully you get the idea (I'd say the 2nd l/s pic is the closest to the real colours). L'Oreal Blueberry Crystal (353 incase you can't read the font), is the type that the more you use it, the more sparkle you uncover. Even after just swatching it the once, it was twinkling-although I didn't seem to capture it on camera. It's a pale pinky-mauvey nude. Rimmel Nude Delight (700) is the lightest of the nudes here, it's a very pale orangey nude without actually being orange whilst Nearly Nude (320) is more brown.
loreal and rimmel lipsticksloreal and rimmel lipsticksloreal and rimmel lipstick swatchesThe Rimmel palette has everything you need for eyes, lips and cheeks. All images clickable.
inside the rimmel palette

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  1. wow how happy you must have been to find them lol!! i love nude delight :)


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