Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Morning So Far

Not having a good day so far. I was actually dreaming about the green Topshop Unique shoes last night...I've decided I really want them, but they have sold out already. I guess I'll just keep checking the site....5 times a day as opposed to the 3 times I do already! I couldn't have ordered 3 pairs though...that would've been £290! I'm keen to see which size will fit me, the 5 or 6. The black boots (which I ordered in the bigger size) have also sold out. I got my Stila goodies this morning, everything looks lovely, except they stuffed up my order. They didn't send me the Bronzing Kit and mixed up one of the lipstick colours. I've emailed them, but the chances of them still having stock is slim. Most of the items I bought have sold out already, which is really annoying as it's not my fault they didn't send me the right thing and I'll probably miss out. I notice the Look Palettes with IT Gloss are £6.95 (I bought them for £4.95) now on the site. They have some new items though, like All Over Shimmer Liquid £6.95, Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain £4.75, Color Push Ups All Over Color £5.95 and Lip Liner £3.95.

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