Thursday, 23 April 2009

Carby and Shopping

Hiya, been shopping today, just a little trip to TKMaxx and Matalan. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow...I got 3 pairs of shoes (oops!). However, I did manage to put back another few pairs, so I do have some willpower...somewhere!I'm bursting with excitement for tonight with the return of my lovely Dr Carter in ER. I kinda looked at some spoilers so know a tiny bit of info, but don't want to know anymore! I just hope he's split up with Thandie Newton (or 'thongy' as I call her, after her BAFTA thong outfit a few years back). She was never any good for him (it was just a crappy storyline so he could leave the show), her character was just so utterly unlikeable. Yes, I'm a Carby fan through and through...pity Abby couldn't come back and divorce Luka, then life would be perfect!

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