Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Review/Swatches Wet'n'Wild Lipsticks and Gloss

There's a half price sale on all Wet'n'Wild cosmetics. So I decided to photograph some of my own WnW lip products and swatch them for you, as I know the site doesn't offer a very good colour description and hopefully this will aid your purchase.

Overall, I'm a fan of the lipsticks. Mega Color come in a square case and there are over 20 shades to choose from on the site. They can be a little drying but they provide a lovely, pigmented, long-lasting colour. The website claims these are a sheer finish, however as you'll see from my swatches, even one swipe provides a very pigmented colour. Silk Finish come in a bigger variety of finishes and are apparently available in 40 shades (although there are only 18 on the site). Some of the finishes tend not to be as pigmented or long-lasting as the MC, but it really depends on the colour.

On a down-side the lipsticks come in really cheap looking, lightweight cases that easily scratch. The lipstick also sits above the tube, so you have to be careful when putting on the lid, so you don't nick the colour. A plus side of this is that the lipstick colours are easy to find in your stash and you can see the shade through the clear panel or if stored upside down-the self coloured base of Mega Color lipstick or the entirely clear lid of the Silk Finish lipsticks. All images are clickable to enlarge and I've left them untagged so you can really see the shades, so please do not take these images without my prior permission.

Cafe Ole; looks very pretty in the swatch, but don't be fooled, it's a very light gold-so not the easiest colour to wear (but good to lighten dark lipppies).
Pink Suede; is without a doubt my favourite WnW lipstick. Depending on which lipliner you use, it can actually be very nude (without any pink). In the swatches it came out rather coppery looking, but it's gorgeous on the lips.
Tame; slightly darker than Pink Suede with a more copper or bronzey feel to it.
Eternal Rose; the only one of the bunch without shimmer (as you can see from the angled shots), a mid-tone creamy pink colour, I don't wear this much.
Berry Crush; as the name suggest a deep berry shade, very dark pink rather purple. Has very faint shimmer to it, not noticeable when on lips. This is the lipstick I reach for when I want a strong, dark lip.
(lipstick swatches top row several swipes, bottom row show just one swipe of colour-all are taken indoors in direct sunlight)wnw wet'n'wild mega color lipstickswnw wet'n'wild mega color lipstickswnw wet'n'wild mega color lipstickswnw wet'n'wild mega color lipstick swatchesAs far as the lipglosses go, I hated the melon (?) scent of the Mega Shiny lipgloss and the colour could be streaky and had a very frosty 80's vibe to it (or maybe it was just the shade I tried), so I've steered clear of them ever since. I adore the Mega Plump though. The colours can be quite sheer, but I love the minty scent and become quite addicted to reapplying every 5 minutes! The colours all have a nice understated shimmer to them, rather than large glittery chunks. Not very long-lasting, but a lovely gloss nonetheless. The packaging is a little more trendy and I highly recommend trying these.

The Glassy Gloss lip gel can be quite runny. I have one (Sun Glaze I think), which is a gorgeous colour, but I forgot to photograph it. Diamond Brilliance lip shine, I did swatch, however I can't remember the shade name (nothing on the tube), I think it may be Pink Sapphire, but can't be sure. This is quite thick and frosty so can look streaky on the lips if overapplied, I hardly ever reach for it, but it did swatch very well, has a lovely shimmer to it. wnw wet'n'wild mega plump lipgloss swatcheswnw wet'n'wild mega plumpwnw wet'n'wild diamond brilliance lip shine I think I've misplaced some of my Mega Plump, I definitely have South Peach hiding somewhere.
Cairo-Mel; my all-time fave, a must-have cool mauve.
Plum Desert; nothing like the name suggests, a pinky coral, but actually very wearable.
Berry Rouge; I wore this everyday last week. It looks mega bright in the tube, but on the lips is a hint of pink.
I love the uniform shimmer in these that glimmer in the light.

Part 2 to follow tomorrow, 13 Silk Finish lipsticks.

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